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Living Voice Loudspeakers


Living Voice - They Speak For Themselves

* Background photography by Nik Frey, Switzerland

"A million speakers look just like it. Few sound anything like it."

"A reference quality speaker in plainclothes."

Ultra High Fidelity (UHF) Magazine


"The bass is far more important than you would think - any shortcomings here will muck up the midrange. It's surprising how often a change in the bass results in a perceived change at much higher frequencies. It's also the biggest challenge; it's very difficult to obtain clean high-level bass."

Kevin Scott, Living Voice designer


Bass with high resolution and superb definition - just one  hallmark of the Living Voice Auditorium series.


"But it's well worth it if energy, vitality and life are what you are listening for in your music - and if you're not, the chances are you haven't heard it.  It really is that fundamental."

HiFi Choice, Aug 2003 review of the Avatar OBX-R2



Living Voice Loudspeakers - Introduction


Living Voice Avatar OBX-R2

Living Voice - They speak for themselves. 


Living Voice, of Nottingham, England, has been manufacturing hand built loudspeakers for over ten years. During this time they have received considerable acclaim from numerous audio publications including several "Best Buy" and "Editor's Choice" awards, and numerous praises.  Just check out the reviews section later below.  Their reputation is at its strongest amongst the super high-end fraternity, where their GBP 40,000++ Airscout RW24 horn system has won praise the world over.


Some of the magic of the Airscout system can be found in their Auditorium series. The result of over three years' exhaustive development, the series comprises three D'appolito designs. Simple, elegant, book-matched cabinets house performance that exceeds the expectations of the most discerning music lover. Increasing refinement and sophistication as you move through the range, gives each model benchmark performance well beyond it's respective price point.


Lifestyle considerations have led to the use of only hand-selected veneers, all of premium grade. They are book matched using adjacent leaves. There is no obscuring dye, no grain filler, and no UV protector. As the cabinet ages the depth of lustre and filigree in the wood improves rather than becoming shallow and opaque.


Living Voice Avatar

High-efficiency loudspeakers that redefine British quality, full Living Voice Auditorium series are 94 db, 6 ohms. This specification allows partnering with a huge variety of amplifiers, from 3.5 watts upwards to over a hundred watts.


Cabinets are made of 750 density hardwood composite, selected for its superior sound characteristics, with a stiff triple bracing. Living Voice crossovers feature simple designs, mechanically isolated with components toleranced to two decimal places.


Hand-crafted by music lovers who use the very finest components in a no-compromise design philosophy, all models in the Living Voice Auditorium range have approximately the same height.


According to Kevin Scott, chief designer, "the Living Voice Auditorium loudspeaker reproduces music with believable scale and dynamic contrast. The vivid, engaging presentation captures the life and immediacy of the concert hall. A large, coherent picture is painted with confidence and freedom whilst the fine low level resolution develops tonal shade and colour to the fullest and most natural extent."


Many reviewers agree. For example, while reviewing the Living Voice OBX-R2, HiFi+ editor Roy Gregory wrote "Very few speakers can deliver the musical goods, but the Living Voice Avatar OBX is definitely one of them ..."



"It occupies a reference position for both JK (Jason Kennedy) and myself (Roy Gregory) it has become a benchmark around here." - Hi-Fi+ Magazine

When awarding the Living Voice Avatar OBX-R2 the Bluemoon Award for "The Classic British Masterpiece in the small tower category", Edward Barker of wrote ""... a landmark in the British speaker-making story.


We couldn't have said it better.


Our impressions: Small, unassuming, beautiful mirror-image real-wood veneer floorstanders truly deserving of their awards and accolades. Will run rings around many bigger higher-price speakers, and guaranteed to give justice to the electronics downstream.  Genuine high-end, no BS product, simply pure, high quality - throughout the whole range of Living Voice models.

Outstanding all-rounders.  Although ported, one would think these were sealed designs, due to the very articulate, weighty and punchy bass, with a delicious snap.  Well-balanced, deep soundstage, and transparent.  Superbly dynamic, micro and macro, fast.  All these in a less than perfect room !  Most important, however, is the very high musicality factor.


Warranty/Drivers:  4 years.  All drivers in entire Living Voice Auditorium series are made by Scanspeak in Denmark specifically according to Living Voice specs. 


With regards to the woofers, when Vifa moved its manufacturing facilities to China, the original woofer driver

parameters were changed although they had the same name and model no., which was of course unacceptable.


Scanspeak was then commissioned to manufacture large batches of the original woofer drive units in Denmark for Living Voice.


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Some client systems with Living Voice

Living Voice Loudspeakers Customer System Living Voice Loudspeakers OBX-R2 Living Voice Loudspeakers Customer System
Living Voice Loudspeakers Customer System Living Voice Loudspeakers Customer System
Living Voice Auditorium 2 speakers,GSP Audio Era Gold MKV phono stage,GSP Audio Elevator EXP head amp/step-up,Hutter Basic racks,Analysis Plus Oval One interconnect Living Voice Loudspeakers Customer System
Living Voice OBX-R2 and Naim Audio Lavardin Technologies Model IT,Living Voice Auditorium 2 speakers,Scheu Cello turntable,Scheu Cantus tonearm,Hutter Basic rack,Living Voice Mystic Mat,KAB Speedstrobe,Eighth Nerve room treatment,Analysis Plus Oval 8 biwire

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Living Voice - Specifications


Living Voice Auditorium Series


Living Voice

Auditorium 2


Living Voice Auditorium

Living Voice

Avatar 2


Living Voice Avatar

Living Voice

Avatar OBX-R2


Avatar IBX-R2

Living Voice Avatar OBX-R2

Technical Summary


Shared/Common Features

750 density hardwood composite enclosure

Components matched to two decimal places

Book matched premium veneers

Mechanically isolated crossover

High sensitivity D'Appolito configuration

Hand wound air core inductors

Technical Summary


Avatar 2 versus OBX-R2



Scanspeak D950000

high frequency unit


Proprietary design non-inductive resistors produced specifically for Living Voice


Hovland discrete film

and foil Musicaps


Star earthing


Optimised crossover layout




Scanspeak Revelator high frequency unit


Proprietary design non-inductive resistors produced specifically for Living Voice


Hovland discrete film

and foil Musicaps


Star earthing

External Suspended Crossovers


Stiff Triple Braced Cabinet

Sensitivity 94 dB 94 dB 94 dB

Dimensions h/w/d

104/22/28 cm

104/22/28 cm

104/22/28 cm

Frequency Response

35 Hz - 22.5 kHz

35 Hz - 22.5 kHz

35 Hz - 22.5 kHz

Gross Weight 

17 kg per unit

19 kg per unit

20 kg per unit

Nominal Impedance 

6 ohms

6 ohms

6 ohms

Loading Reflex port




Power handling  100 watts

100 watts

100 watts

Crossover Box     12/42/26 cm


Auditorium 2

Avatar 2

Avatar OBX-R 2


►► The Living Voice IBX-R2 model has the the same specifications as the OBX-R2, but with internal crossovers instead of outboard.


►►► Living Voice RW Series :


The Living Voice RW Series, models OBX-RW and IBX-RW,  have similar specs as the Living Voice R2 series. 


Below is a summary of the major differences :


First of all the drive units and the cabinets are identical. The differences are fourfold: the internal wiring loom, the binding posts, a large number of the crossover components, and cryogenic treatment.

1.  The internal wiring loom is of Living Voice's own design. LV found that the performance of this proprietary cable is preferable to all of the alternatives that they have examined. However, the Kondo KSL-SPZ speaker cables remains as LV's preferred speaker cable of choice, at all times, and is highly recommended whenever the budget permits.

2.  Binding posts - The binding posts are WBT Platinum plated which have been cryogenically treated. These are used on both the cabinets, and on the crossover boxes.

3. Crossovers - whilst the crossover topology is the same as the R2, there are differences in the quality of all the components. In fact, the capacitors, resistors, and inductors are either made specifically for Living Voice for the RW models, or they have been developed and manufactured by Living Voice in house. The only stock items retained from the R2 are the Hovland film and foil capacitors (but these have been cryogenically treated, and matched).

These enhancements have resulted in significant sonic gains.  The RW offers a quality of musical experience that is immersive and transporting. The sound is completely coherent, and tonally sophisticated, and allows one to forget all about the hifi. It is a music lover's loudspeaker.


The OBX-RW also has external crossovers like the OBX-R2.  The IBX-RW has internal crossovers.


►► View some photos of the IBX-RW.


Living Voice IBX-RW Loudspeakers
2006/07/29 20:20:25.1
Lens: Nikon 17-35mm F/2.8 D
Focal Length: 25mm
Exposure Mode: Manual
Metering Mode: Multi-Pattern
1/60 sec - F/5.6
Exposure Comp.: +0.7 EV
Sensitivity: ISO 500
Optimize Image: Custom
White Balance: Preset d-0, with Expodisc
AF Mode: AF-S
Flash Sync Mode: Front Curtain, Nikon SB-800
Auto Flash Mode: Balanced i-TTL
Auto Flash Comp: +2.0 EV
Color Mode: Mode III (sRGB)
Tone Comp.: Normal
Hue Adjustment: 0•
Saturation: Normal
Sharpening: Medium high
Image Comment: : SOUNDSCAPE HIFI                                     
Long Exposure NR: Off
Bounce, with Lumiquest Promax System (80-20 with frosted diffuser)
High ISO NR: Off

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Living Voice Vox Olympian


The Living Voice Flagship :

Vox Olympian


"The result of almost a decade's painstaking design, listening and refinement - the Living Voice Vox Olympian horn loudspeaker. 


►►► Read more about the Living Voice Vox Olympian ...


Living Voice Vox Olympian


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Living Voice Mystic Mat


"The Mystic Mat turntable mat is composed of a layer of gel-coated resonance-controlling carbon fiber mated to a layer of CF polyurethane and followed by another sheet of carbon fiber. It•s thin (about 3mm) profile makes it a perfect candidate for any •table needing immediate musical improvements from conventional felt or rubber record mats. It fits snugly on your turntable•s spindle and lies nice and flat on the platter with the smooth side down."


►►► Read more about the Living Voice Mystic Mat


dps Turntable

Living Voice Mystic Mat on a turntable



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Living Voice - Wood Finishes

  Click Me! to view the wood finishes available

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Magazine Reviews on Living Voice Speakers


Click Me! to visit our Living Voice Magazine Reviews page

The Absolute Sound Issue 32 cover Six Moons Hi-Fi Choice and more ...

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HiFi Shows - Feedback on Living Voice Speakers


Click Me! to visit our Living Voice HiFi Show Feedback page

Soundstage magazine Six Moons HiFi+ and more ...

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Consumer Comments - Living Voice Speakers


Click Me! to visit our Living Voice Consumer Comments page


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FAQ - Living Voice


Why are the Living Voice Auditorium range (Auditorium, Avatar, Avatar OBX-R) speakers light in physical weight ?

The idea is that less mass results in shorter energy storage.


Most other speakers are heavy, with a cabinet typically made of thick MDF, and sometimes even heavier exotic materials. 


The  exoskeletons  of  the   Auditorium    range  are made  of particleboard, which is much lighter.

Due to the lighter cabinet, Living Voices have stronger bracings than usual.


And this approach succeeds.   We've heard the Living Voices sound as fast as horn speakers, with superb handling of transients and dynamics, both macro and micro.


The entire Living Voice Auditorium range have foam surrounds for the woofer drivers,  will this be a problem in Singapore's humid climate ?

The Living Voice Auditorium range (Auditorium, Avatar, OBX-R) was designed referencing the speed and transients of the higher horn-design models.  Rubber surround woofers were experimented with, but these failed to come close to the horn speed, transients, and dynamics.  Only the currently used Scanspeak foam surround drivers could approach these traits of the higher model horns. 


Rather than compromise on this, the foam surround  drivers were used.  Performance comes first.  In fact, when Scanspeak-Vifa started manufacturing in China, the parameters of the drivers were changed.  Scanspeak now manufactures all LV drivers in Denmark, as per LV specs.  One visitor actually called them "horny", in reference to their transient response.


This was the case with Proac, where the Proac Response 3 Scanspeak foam drivers were replaced with rubber ones which led to the Response 3.5 and 3.8.  But ask the veterans, and they will tell you that the Response 3 was the best of all the three iterations, and is the model more sought after.  Wilson Audio also  once used  foam in  their  extremely popular Watt Puppies, and Naim Audio also use it in their top model DBL speakers, as well as Lowther.  Moreover, planar speaker ribbons also wear out in time, and even some rubber will also harden in time.

The foam surrounds will wear out, but during their lifetime, which can be up to 5 to 6 years or more in a humid climate (even up to 10 years in some cases), they will provide the Living Voice owner sheer delight, especially in the mentioned areas of speed, transient handling, and dynamics - which is among the best in the industry right now in their medium-sized speakers category.


Consider people who use tube/valve gear.  Valves definitely will not last, but that does not deter valve gear users from enjoying the beguiling sound of valves. The cost of valves can be so much more than USD 350 within 4 years, especially NOS tubes. 


So what does one do when the foam surrounds wear out ?  Read on below ...

How long is the warranty for the drivers and will the foam drivers be re-foamed by Scanspeak ?

The warranty is 4 years, worldwide, and in our experience with Scanspeak drivers, they can last a long time past their warranty (we can't claim that for other brands of drivers). 


Scanspeak will not re-foam the speaker drivers, but all 4 drivers will be changed instead, as these are all critically matched pairs.  LV owners will then have continued musical enjoyment.   Re-foaming by 3rd parties is not advisable, and can change the parameters of the drivers.

Factoring the cost of all four drivers during a spread of 4++ years, the warranty period, it is minimal cost for acquiring new drivers.  As at year 2010, the price of all four drivers including shipping and labor is approx. SGD 1000 to SGD 1500, depending on speaker model.


* Prices are subject to change depending on inflation over the years and exchange rate


For the Living Voice OBX-R, is it alright to have different speaker cables between the amplifier-to-external-crossover and the crossover-to-speakers ?

This is not recommended, and in tests conducted by a reviewer, having cheap speaker cables of the same brand and model sounded better than very expensive speaker cables but of different model or brand between amp-to-crossover and crossover-to-speakers.

However, one's mileage may vary.  We have experimented mixing cables. and it has worked well.  One has to know his cables, however.


How many watts can be used or can be handled by the Living Voice Auditorium range ?

Recommended amplifier power is from 8 watts to 300 watts, these speakers are highly versatile. 


Room size and composition also has to be considered.


We drove them with 250-watt Goldmund monoblocks, 200-watt

Boulder monoblocks, 8-watt Audio Audio Note 300Bs, 200-watt Krell KAS2, 90 watt Exposures, 30 watt Naims, 75 watt Naims, 25 watt VACs, 30 and 55 watt Lavardins, 100 watt Krell KSAs, 125 watt VTLs, 150 watt Jeff Rowlands, Chord, Gryphons, Gamut, Pass Labs, etc.  Some customers even use  the 3.5 watts Sun Audio 2A3 amplifier.

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Living Voice

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