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••the detail of dCS, the naturalness of Wadia, the stage-width of an Esoteric and the bounce of Naim. It manages to mix the best of these without sacrificing the whole.•

•A strange aspect of the NR22 that is also common on good vinyl • but rare on CD • is its ability to change tonality with each new disc.• ••but most CD players blur this distinction.•

•The NR22 is a world class player that can do both (play CD and process Hi-Rez files via USB) well•


- excerpts from HiFi+ Issue 76 review



•This Neodio NR22 CD player from France could well be the best CD player ever made. The dynamics and vibrancy of the whole frequency range eclipsed the goldmund by a planet. The vinyl-like density is shocking. We thought we need to compare again. But not necessary, it just stay on my rack now.•

- Audio Exotic forum



CD Players Designed Like Turntables ... and with analog sonic qualities

"My passion for • good sound • comes from youth. At this time, I discovered the Hi-Fi my dad had just bought. My interest for this field grew up with the reading of specialized newspapers, and a visit to the Sound Festival in Paris.

As I was student engineer in electronics, one of my teachers gave me the whole articles of H•phaistos (Lavardin designer), published in the newspaper named L'Audiophile.

My passion focused on electronic circuits. I was shocked by the elegance and the complexity of circuits described by the author.

Engaged by Schneider Electric, I designed sensors for 12 years. An exciting job where I used my knowledge in audio electronics to improve my skills in analog circuitry.


The understanding and the right use of the transistor became one of my specialities.

In 1988, I made my first amplifier. It had two peculiarities: no global feedback (it's still the case for Neodio) and a systematic cascading of all the transistors ( a technique used in high frequencies or in oscilloscopes).


Since then, in parallel with my job, I kept improving my amplifier circuits for pleasure.


At that time I made my first disconcerting experiences: circuits never behave sonically like they should do , and the results depended a lot on details that were thought to be sonically harmless.

My meeting with the researcher Pierre JOHANNET warned me about the existence of physical phenomenon modifying sound quality in hi-fi reproduction.

In 2001, I created my company, Seven Audio, to develop my own device range, named Neodio. Today, an important part of the turnover is invested in research.

Neodio NR 22 CD Player

We try, through experiences, to build physical models for all the phenomenon modifying the quality of the sound."


- Stephane Evan

  Neodio Designer


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Neodio Digital Playback

• Neodio NR 22 CD Player
• Neodio NR 22 CD Transport

• Neodio NR 22 DAC



Neodio Amplification


     • Neodio NR 300 Integrated Amplifier

     • Neodio NR 600 Signature Integrated


     • Neodio NR 1200 Integrated Amplifier



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Neodio NR 600 amplifier

Neodio NR 600 Amplifier


Why a CD player in this times of music streaming ?  Higher sonic quality of course, for the discerning music lovers, and for those with a good collection of great music on CDs. 


Experience a rediscovery of music through Neodio digital playback.  Designed for the future too with USB inputs.



"It is not surprising to find a number of turntable design principles in Stephane Evan's CD player design.  He explains :  'What is one good quality of a turntable ?


The care given to the vibration problems from the internal drive motor, friction, external difficulties and in particular sound vibrations picked up from air as well as ground which may cause read errors.

For a CD player, it's the same: the level of vibrations generated by the motors responsible for the rotation of the disc, the translation of the carriage-locked diode and the playhead is large enough to disrupt the entire machine through complex mechanical and electrical effects.


For example, the quartz reference clock that manages the digital information is inherently an element sensitive to vibrations, as well as ceramic capacitors for decoupling integrated circuits.'


On the Neodio NR 22 CD Player for example, the work of collection and dissipation of vibrations begins with a mechanical DVD-ROM which is sandwiched between sheets of PMMA, aka: Plexiglas, and a damping material that looks very much like cork !

Neodio NR 22 Transport and DAC


All mechanical and electronics has to take place in a frame structure which uses several different materials based on three-legged semi-floating, while the hood is made of a sandwich of 8 mm thick in three layers."



That's just the tip of the iceberg, more information on this attention to detail can be found at the Ecoutez Voir review  (to be translated soon, or translate using Google Translate).

High quality CD Drive / Efficient isolation / Aluminum Remote control
Low jitter by memory buffering Asynchronous Upsampler
Innovative very low jitter analogue clock 24 bit / 192 kHz D/A converter (no usual digital clock here)
USB 24/196 digital input

• High speed & high current output stage buffer and filter

Toroidal transformers 150 Watts, 4 supplies, 7 regulators

Constrained layer chassis (7mm)

Weight 12.0 kG Dimensions 460 x 115 x 400 (mm) (W x H x D )

"Why a DVD-Rom is used for the mechanics of reading ?

Some may be surprised to see a CD at this price level range equipped with a mechanical DVD drive. 


It is true that the first contact with the NR 22 through a plastic drawer looks quite common in contrast to what can be found on machines even less ambitious. 


Manufacturers of tray mechanisms exclusively for CD to tend to disappear (there are only 2 now), and  Philips and Sony, which are the source of this support, have long ceased interest in this technology which they consider "obsolete". 


In contrast, DVD-ROM attached to a standard computer is well established and still in production from several manufacturers.  It is essential that the audiophile who spends thousands of dollars in a machine can count on a service worthy of the investment.

But that's not all!  The sonic performance of a mechanical DVD-ROM proved superior to mechanical CD on many criteria, the fact that the asynchronous read of digital information (as opposed to reading a linear mechanical CD) involves a buffer that decouples natural reading of the digital stream for the converter. 


It can be said that the technology embedded in a DVD-ROM is 15 years newer than an audio CD player.  The DVD has the ability to read about eight times more information than a CD, thanks to a red laser inherently more accurate than the infrared laser used by a mechanical CD, not to mention its speed.


Finally, a mechanical DVD-ROM offers the designer the freedom to create a control software and a man-machine interface that is completely original, in order to provide better usability to the user." - Excerpts from Ecoutez Voir review


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"1970s French chic aluminum look"

Neodio NR 1200 Amplifier


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Neodio products have an outstanding manufacturing quality.

With his experience at Schneider Electric, St•phane Even has developed high quality circuit boards using only reliable and lasting industrial parts from professional applications.


These parts are mainly soldered with an automatic process by a sub-contractor working for medical and aeronautics fields.

Lots of calculations and test were done to optimise the dimensioning of components. This allows to use them with a high margin, guaranteeing a maximum lifetime.





The whole range of products present the following features :

> Non magnetic aluminium and wood chassis.
> Gold plated circuit boards
> Specific oversized toroidal transformers
> Systematic use of industrial high reliability components (no exotic audiophile components)
> All electrolytic capacitors are of 105•C grade which guarantees the highest reliability
> Volume and balance adjusted by integrated circuit :64 steps of 1 dB (amps)
> Digital display
> Friendly remote control
> Gold plated connectors
>Chassis engineered to reduce the impact of vibrations
>Semi-floating feet


Neodio Remote Control

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Hifi+ Issue 76

••the detail of dCS, the naturalness of Wadia, the stage-width of an Esoteric and the bounce of Naim. It manages to mix the best of these without sacrificing the whole.•

•A strange aspect of the NR22 that is also common on good vinyl • but rare on CD • is its ability to change tonality with each new disc.• ••but most CD players blur this distinction.•

•The NR22 is a world class player that can do both (play CD and process Hi-Rez files via USB) well•


Read full review from HiFi+ Issue 76


The Audio Beat

CES 2011

Best Of Show : Neodio with Wilson Audio/Lamm/DaVinci Audio


Haute Fidlit
Aug 2010

The avowed aim was to make NEODIO NR22 one of the very best CD players integrated in the top class, and we must say that on this plan, the bet is successful. This is a player designed in its entirety with a keen sense of engineering and very good ideas, modern and original. It is certainly less known than the established brands, but it is no less deserving. And as such, the NR22 will undoubtedly belong in the finest hi-fi systems !

● Manufacturing Quality: 5
● Tonal Accuracy: 5
● Dynamics: 5
● Image/Soundstage: 5
● Transparency/Detail: 5

Read full review from Haute Fid•lit•

Ecoutez Voir

Oct 2009

Test (in French, you can translate using Google) : Neodio NR 22 CD player : A CD Designed As a Turntable


"In conclusion:
The CD player Neodio NR 22 is an example of what is possible when one has the passion as deep as in the body.  Stephane Evan was not content to take known solutions to optimize them.  He walks with a certain courage on tracks barely touched to offer a CD of rare musicality. The choice of a mechanical CD-ROM may seem out of place, given its plastic tray without grace, but the results of listening fully validate the manufacturer's choice, a quality sound and dynamic forefront.  Without bluster or fanfare, but with delicacy and transparency, Neodio also has an extraordinary sensitivity that justifies, to my ears, its high price, especially when compared to some Japanese or American machines equivalent in price or higher that tend to add more artifacts to the music.  A real source of reference, therefore, to be paid in addition to the luxury of being French !"


Signal / Bruit

June 7, 2010

Interview (in French, you can translate using Google) : Stephane Evan, Neodio Designer



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CES 2011

Image 1 : Neodio with Wilson Audio/Lamm/DaVinci Audio


Image 3 : Neodio with Wilson Audio/Lamm/DaVinci Audio


Haute Fidelit Show

Image : Neodio with JM Labs


High Fidelity Show 2010

Image : Neodio Room


Salon HF2008

Image 1 : Neodio


Image 2 : Neodio


Image 3 : Neodio


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