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June 28, 2005

For the first time in Singapore, the new Burr-Oak finish of the Living Voice OBX-R2 loudspeakers are on display and demo now.  This latest finish is designed to match the current trends in European furniture.  Burr Oak is tougher and more open-grained, more difficult to find than red oak.  The wood grains are striking in their patterns, with deep ridges that furrow with age, and being more open-grained, has a nice feel to it when stroked, like a piece of timber.  Off-topic, the Burr Oak has been named the 2005 Tree of the Year by Kansas State University Research and Extension. 


And it's a great welcome back for the OBX-R2 speakers.  If one is looking for truth of timbre across the frequency range, detail served in proper measure (IMHO, Living Voice is one of the rare few companies who has mastered the Scanspeak Revelator tweeter - others can only complain of its difficult implementation and want to be spoon-fed :)), tonal balance, articulateness, speed ... try to listen to the OBX-R2, still our benchmark in the small tower speaker category.  One of its most striking traits is the chunky and meaty yet articulate sound of musical instruments when it's on the recording.  Check it out for yourself. 



New customer systems posted and updated.  View more ....


June 24, 2005

Starting June 30, we now offer our customers the UOB Credit Card Zero % Interest Free Installment Plan.  If you have a UOB credit card, you can now stretch your payments up to 12 or 24 months.  The Living Voice,  Lavardin, Jan Allaerts, Scheu Premier turntable, Hutter, dps turntable, Esoteric, Naim, etc. that you've always promised yourself can now be yours earlier, while at the same time being easy on your budget plans and maximizing your shopping pleasure. 


(The zero interest free installment plan is applicable in Singapore only)

UOB Credit Cards - Zero % Interest-Free Installment Plan

UOB Credit Cards


Zero interest free.  Your choice of payment from 12 months to 24 months.

DBS Credit Cards - Zero % Interest-Free Installment Plan      POSB Credit Cards - Zero % Interest-Free Installment Plan

DBS and POSB Credit Cards


Zero interest free.  Payment up to 12 months.



Below are the details of the KL hifi show where our Graham Slee product range (phono stages), Cain & Cain speakers, and Eighth Nerve products will be demonstrated.



(July 22 - 24, 2005)

The Region's Premier Home Theater and Hi-Fi Exhibition

(Incorporating In-Car Entertainment)

Show Date & Time:

22nd July - 24th July 2005

Friday     : 11:30am - 7:30pm

Saturday : 10:00am - 7:30pm

Sunday   : 10:00am - 7:30pm


Admission Ticket

RM10.00 - Subject to change depending on gift premium

Official Venue:

J.W. Marriott Hotel

183, Jalan Bukit Bintang

55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel:  03-27159000

Fax: 03-27157000


J.W. Marriott, Kuala Lumpur

Official Supplement:

The New Straits Times is the Presenter and official newspaper.  They will produce the Kuala Lumpur International AV Show supplement/guide to be given away to visitors.  The supplement will contain all information regarding the show itself as well as the product and personality background.  Other vernacular newspapers will produce supplements of their own.

June 21, 2005

A customer system is updated - photo of the first black Hutter RackTime Basic rack system in Singapore.  Click Me! to view ...


A couple of new photos have also been added to the Scheu turntable webpage, showing a flock of "bare" Scheu Premier MK3's, to show what these look like within.  Click Me! to view.

June 20, 2005


  • Great news for Malaysian vinyl and headphone enthusiasts, the Best Buy high-performance Graham Slee product range (phono stages, headphone amps) will now come closer to your doors.  And for Malaysian tube amplification enthusiasts, good news as well.  The high-efficiency tube-friendly Cain & Cain loudspeaker range will be nearer your doorsteps.  All courtesy of Global Eaudio, also Linn distributors for Singapore and Malaysia.

Eaudio Showroom Sdn Bhd
12A Jalan Tengkat Tong Shin
(Off Jalan Bukit Bintang)
Kuala Lumpur 50200

24/7 hot line +60 16 236 2219
Fax +60 3 2148 9185

Check your schedules, and hear the world-renowned Graham Slee phono stages together with the Cain & Cain Abby crossoverless loudspeakers at the coming Malaysian HiFi show in July, venue details to be posted soon.  Listen to why two of HiFi News magazine's writers have the Graham Slee Era Gold MKV + Elevator EXP as their reference as well as awarding the combination their Best Phono Stage for 2004.  Likewise, hear why Nelson Pass of Pass Labs fame bought a Cain & Cain Abby


These products are among exalted company ...

Graham Slee Era Gold MKV and Elevator EXP
Cain & Cain Abby
  • We are now expanding our distribution network of Graham Slee phono stages to include Taiwan as well.

Need some good stand-mount (bookshelf) speakers ?  We have the Escalante Design Pinyon speakers and high-efficiency 96db Omega TS1R speakers available for demo at our showroom.


Escalante Design Pinyon speakers and Omega TSR1 speakers





Escalante Design received the Stereo Times "Editors Choice" Award for the Pinyon Loudspeaker & Uinta subwoofer on Saturday night April 30, 2005 at the 2005 "Most Wanted Components" Stereo Times Award Ceremony in New York.


Escalante Design is the brainchild of Mr. Tierry Budge, former Wilson Audio designer and c-founder of Talon Audio.



Omega loudspeakers are affordable stand-mount crossoverless speakers.  High-efficiency, amplifier-friendly.  Check out the Omega TS1R at our showroom.

June 15, 2005

dps logo         dps turntable - der Plattenspieler (The Turntable)

      der Plattenspieler (The Turntable)



Audiophile 1/04 - Germany

- dps with Schroder Model 2 tonearm
"So I insist: Extending beyond its price range, the dps is a very hot tip for a turntable, and every analogue-fan should listen to it at least once.•
Dalibor Beric

dps logo

Outstanding analogue playback

for those who like it compact.

Dynamite does come in small packages.




• Made in Germany
• Plinth made from layered Plexiglas, cork, birch plywood

  and heavy damping foil
• Damped granite base
• Inverted bearing using a ruby ball
• High torque detached synchron motor
• Three part composite and stainless steel motor housing
• Separate power supply
• Adjustable damping feet
• PVC Record clamp

dps turntable - der Plattenspieler (The Turntable)

Photo from dps website


• Speed: 331/3 und 45 rpm manually via a two-step pulley
• Speed stability: < 0,1%
• Weight: 23 kg, AC power supply 4 kg
• Size: 450 mm x 350 mm x 180 mm (incl. lid)
• Guarantee: 3 years

June 10, 2005

We have been given the latest information on G.F.C Hadcock tonearm models / retail prices and have posted them under our Hadcock webpage.  There are now 6 variants of the Hadcock GH 242 model, and 1 for the Hadcock GH 228 model.  Read more ...

June 05, 2005

Customers usually ask us about why our Graham Slee phono stages require 2 boxes to play MCs.  We have  expanded our explanation on this under the FAQ section of our Graham Slee webpage.  Read more ...

Basically, one priority goal is to optimize both MM and MC cartridges, without compromising on the other.  MM and low-output MCs are electrically totally different, and many one box designs are forced to compromise on either one, usually the MM stage.  In many cases, there is no way a low or mid-priced universal stage's MM section will outperform the entry-level Gram Amp 2 SE with an MM (or a high-output MC).  More upmarket high-price phono stages are definitely targeted towards the MC users market, where SGD 2000 to SGD 15000 MC cartridges are not uncommon.  As it is, when one goes for an Era Gold MKV + Elevator EXP head amp, one gets the best of both worlds possible at the asking price, without compromises.


The upcoming upmarket Graham Slee model, the Reflex, will handle both MM and MC within one box, with a built-in internal head amplifier, of higher grade than the Elevator EXP - true to the design goals.



New stocks of the Naim Audio 5i series and Naim Audio nSats arriving soon.  Special offer on a full set for this Great Singapore Sale 2005:


Naim System Offer


Naim CD5i

Naim CD5i


Naim Nait 5i

Naim Nati 5i


Naim n-Sats


Product Model

Usual Price (SGD)

Special Offer

Naim CD5i CD player

Naim Nait 5i integrated amp

Naim n-Sats speakers

Naim NAC-A5 speaker cables

   (3.5m pair)





SGD 6,666.00




* includes free Naim Audio NAC-A5 3.5m speaker cables *




If you decide on different Naim Audio speakers, or the Living Voice Auditorium MK2 speakers, or Cain & Cain Abby loudspeakers, we have other offers as well for these during the Great Singapore Sale 2005, and other combinations too with Lavardin Technologies amplifiers


Click Me! to check out our other package systems.
June 03, 2005

From The Netherlands, check out the Rudolf Bruil Universal Record Stabilizer Ring (URSR), a wonderful upgrade for many turntables.  At 550 grams, not as heavy as other brands which are 1 kg++. The URSR brings the sonic benefits of an outer ring to many more brands of turntables that can't take the 1kg++ weight of other brands.  Sonically,  we would rather recommend this lighter weight ring compared to heavier rings, which has its compromises.  Some turntables where these were tested on are Linn, Nottingham, Thorens, Lenco, Technics, Micro Seiki, Platine Verdier, Teres, Rega, etc.


Rudolf Bruil Universal Record Ring

Started playing with a Sonny Rollins "Way Out West" LP. Great, no changes in tonality or pace. Passed the first test - does not add any unwanted colourations. The improved contact between the record and the mat indeed reduced the minute vibrations resulting in  the extreme highs being more natural, more real, less tizzy. We fully agree with Mr. Bruil's assessment:

"One realizes oneself that much of the ultra high frequency distortion is caused by the minute movement (vibrations) of the record and not because it is engraved in such a way in the groove. In other words: with the URSR, the high frequencies are no longer fantasy-high-frequencies as with the extreme oversampling in digital formats."

In addition, the background has become slightly quieter as well, and instrument separation, timbre and their subtle hues are revealed even more.  We are certain that in some other turntables, background quietness may even be greater. It's just that the Scheu with the Living Voice Mystic Mat is already very quiet. Basically, being able to help in some warped records is just a bonus, the main contribution of the URSR is better sound.


Read more - HiFi World review


May 30, 2005

Once again, we participate in the Great Singapore Sale, from May 27 to July 2005.  Discounts on all products except Used/Ex-Dem items.


Use your Mastercard and win great European vacations. More stuff to be won, visit the GSS 2005 website for more details.



New customer system with Cain & Cain Abby loudspeakers posted, Click Me! to view.

May 26, 2005

On this weekend only, May 28, the new Esoteric X-03 SACD/CD player, with the G-25U Clock Generator Digital Up Converter will have its public Singapore debut at our showroom . Check it out as we demo it with our Living Voice speakers, Naim Audio. 



Customer system new updates:


System 1                System 2

May 1, 2005

Here is an interesting read from the Naim Audio forum of a consumer's journey  in trying out and finally selecting his speakers, a pair of Living Voice Avatar 2.  We've posted this here to provide some insights on the characteristics of Living Voice speakers (or what they are not) compared to other speakers (which of course have their own supporters).   Click Me! to read ... 


The Living Voice Avatar 2 is now on demo at our showroom, in the popular natural santos rosewood finish.

Apr 26, 2005

Eighth Nerve Response Controllers (room treatment products) have been reviewed by  Read More ...


Also, a sneak preview / first look at the new Eighth Nerve Adapt Line, with some comments by Eighth Nerve's president.  More information will be updated as we move along.  Read More ...



For all manufacturers - our Product Design services for all manufacturing fields is now available. Professional product design utilizing the latest state-of-art 3D software technology, on Apple equipment of course, at reasonable rates.  Get designs realized with all measurements accurately rendered for your production team or OEM.


Below are samples of actual product designs made by our product designers for Sony Corp - product display units.  Click to enlarge if desired.


Read more ....

Apr 24, 2005

Once again, the Living Voice loudspeakers have spoken for themselves in a major hifi show.  Matched this time with Chord electronics and Kondo cables, the combination was voted by Soundstage! magazine as one of the Standout Rooms at the Le Festival Son & Image 2005 show - Montreal, Canada :: April 1-3, 2005.  Click Me! to read more ...


We currently have the Living Voice Avatar 2 model on demo.  The Living Voice Auditorium range (3 models) are still at the top of our favored all-rounder small floorstander speakers, with several installed in Singapore.  Check them out at our showroom and find out why :) 


We advise listening to them with all types of music, a single album of Diana Krall alone is not really a recommended  way to demo our system, unless of course one only listens to this type of music.  Living Voice loudspeakers are more than happy to be fed with all sorts of music no matter how complex.  It is no wonder that Enjoy the magazine had this to say about the Living Voice room at the Le Festival Son & Image 2005 show - Montreal, Canada:


"Prize for the best choice of demo music goes to Kevin Scott of Living Voice in the Bluebird Music room. He demoed his Avatar OBX-R2 speakers (•4,000 or $10,795 Cdn) with the Scarlatti Piano Sonatas. The piano is one of the hardest instruments to reproduce so it is a brave man to pick this music."  And it was with modest electronics from Exposure, not the Chords heard at the same show by Soundstage! magazine.  Click Me to read more ...


Living Voice speakers do work well with both high-quality budget and more esoteric amplification, as demonstrated in the same hifi show mentioned above.  We have them installed in homes with modest Rotel integrateds, Sugdens, Lavardins, Naims of different grades (we are demoing them at this moment with the top model Naims), Jadis, Sun Audio 2A3, Wavelength, Kondo, etc.  To be installed anytime soon will be a pair of the OBX-R2 model in a system with exotic Goldmund amplification, watch for the photos :)



It is now known that the affordable GSP Audio Era Gold MKV + Era Gold MKV phono stage combination is a reference used by two writers of HiFi News magazine, and is highly rated by almost all major US and UK hifi magazines.  It is inescapable, however, that some consumers and magazine writers mistakenly equate price to high quality.  The best system we've ever heard was the most expensive one at over SGD 1 million, but some of the high-priced ones (SGD 50K to SGD 200K) were also among the most embarrassing mediocre ones, especially when we correlate their performance with the price.


At any rate, tentatively set for release in September 2005 is the new super model from GSP Audio, the Reflex phono stage.  We know from experience that the affordable Era Gold MKV + Era Gold MKV combination is already superior, relative to our criteria for high quality, to many of the more expensive offerings from the competition (ask us which ones).  Based on prototypes' performance, we expect the new model Reflex to continue the tradition of high quality beyond its price.  This higher quality obviously comes at a higher price, but will still be a fraction of the competition in the super league which start around USD 6000.  Many consumers will also like its physical looks :), but it will be more on substance rather than macho size.


We concur with Graham Slee's fundamental design criteria - fast and with wide bandwidth, low noise, and inaudible distortion - no easy tasks for a designer.  Expect this and more in the new Reflex phono stage.

Apr 11, 2005

The KAB Speedstrobe turntable speed testers have arrived.  In our opinion, these are the best at the moment and affordable too compared to other similar products with strobe lamps.


The Living Voice Mystic Mats and clamps are also available.  The Mystic Mat replaced Michael Fremer's (Stereophile) carbon-graphite mat (Boston Mat ?) on his Simon Yorke, and is now an indispensable component in our Scheu turntables. 

Apr 05, 2005

Our benchmark loudspeakers, Living Voice, will be back on demo by Apr 6, starting with the Avatar 2 model, in rosewood finish.



A new review of the GSP Audio Era Gold MKV & Gram Amp 2 SE phono stages has been published by 


"While I have not met or spoken to Graham Slee, he strikes me as an old-world artisan whose vocabulary doesn't include the concept of good enough."


"I heard greater bandwidth, pitch definition, more accurate timbre, quieter backgrounds with dramatically reduced low-level noise and a more open and dimensional soundstage. Instruments and voices were fuller, richer, more natural and thus more believable. There was less of sense of a mechanical or electrical process than with either of the cheaper phono stages. Frankly, this includes just about every digital playback component I have heard."


Read more ...  (the review starts from end of page 1 and goes on to page 2)



The KAB Speedstrobe have been shipped and are expected to arrive next week, delayed due to the sudden demand.


Mar 27, 2005

New customer system posted.  Click Me! to view.

Mar 23, 2005

The Lavardin Model IS Reference garners a 2005 Stereophile Recommended Component Class A listing.  Click Me! to read more.



A system update has been posted, including its history in pictures.   Click Me! to view updated photos, Click Me! for system history.

Mar 22, 2005

The Scheu Premier MK3's plinth has been improved further, with the geometry modified to a boomerang-shape.  After extensive testing and simulations, these new geometry reduces sensitivity to sound impact for an even quieter background, and increases the WAF as well :)  And all users know how quiet a Scheu Premier is already ...  This also shows that proper geometrical proportions are crucial in building turntables, and is not just a matter of cutting into shape. 


Our kudos to the Scheu company for their passion in extracting every last ounce of quality, while maintaining not only a competitive price, but an excellent price/performance ratio.   Click Me! to view a photo of the new plinth design.



New customer system posted.  Click Me! to view.

Mar 15, 2005

New customer system posted.  Click Me! to view.

Mar 14, 2005

The Living Voice loudspeakers will be back on demo anytime this week, as soon as we complete installations of orders.  The Living Voice Mystic Mat and clamps are now available.



The Graham Slee Solo MC headphone amplifier is back, limited quantities left.



Watch out for the HiFi Choice May 2005 issue, soon to hit the newsstands.  Three of our products have been reviewed as a set - the GSP Audio Era Gold MKV phono stage + The Cartridgeman Music Maker MK3 cartridge + Hadcock 242 Integra tonearm.


"The Era Gold MKV phono stage is also extremely capable, with a clean and fluid sound ..."


"The biggest difference we encountered with this gradual changeover was swapping in the Hadcock for the SME (V) arm - ... the lower friction of the unipivot brings a very welcome sense of ease to everything you play, ... less mechanical."


"The usual limitation is the MM cartridge itself, but in the case of the Music Maker III that limitation is virtually invisible."  "Anyone that thinks serious cartridges need to be MCs will be shocked.  This produces detail, space and energy and has great resolve for the price."


"For anyone considering the separates route to vinyl nirvana, this ensemble makes a very strong case for an alternative approach."



The KAB Speedstrobe has been reviewed once more, this time by  Click Me! to read more ...


New stocks arriving very soon, demand is currently very high at the moment, ours will be shipping out from New Jersey, USA to Singapore latest by March 21, and we expect these tentatively before March 29.

Mar 10, 2005

Check out the latest HiFi+, Issue No. 37, now in magazine stands, for a review of the Lavardin Model IT integrated amplifier.  HiFi+'s Roy Gregory also writes an interesting story on  how Lavardin came about to be distributed in the UK, and its new UK distributor.


"...if we thought that the IS was good, the IT frankly left us flabbergasted; ..."


"phenomenal resolution and clarity ... It's a quality that allowed it to seriously embarrass some seriously heavy•weight competition, and nothing has changed."


"How about •3495 for an amp that can live with the highest of the high-end (and beat a lot of them hollow) ? Sounds like a bargain to me."


Read more ...

Mar 01, 2005

More feedback on the Living Voice room at the UK Bristol hifi show are trickling in, as well as other rooms of course, this time from the Naim Audio forum.  Click Me! to read.

Feb 28, 2005

New customer system updated.  Click Me! to view.

Feb 27, 2005

While Living Voice is currently being demonstrated at the UK Bristol show by Definitive Audio with low-powered Kondo electronics (Click Me! to read show feedback at the Pink Fish Media hifi forum), we go the opposite and demo you high-powered Naim Audio electronics.


Back on demo are the Naim Audio electronics, this time featuring the Naim Audio NAC 552 and the mighty Naim Audio NAP 500 power amplifier.  More sophistication and refinement combined with sheer power that's stable into 2 ohms is what Naim's best is all about compared to their lower siblings, even before warm-up.  Listen to 145 watts of pure adrenaline driving the Living Voice OBX-R2 loudspeakers, edge-of -the-seat excitement, effortlessly moving air.


Support provided by several Hutter rack shelves.


Analogue duties provided by the Scheu Premier MK2 with a 12" Scheu Classic MK2 tonearm, and GSP Audio Era Gold MKV + Elevator EXP phono stage.


Digital duties handled by Naim's new CD player, the Naim Audio CD5x.  Hear it now, the CD5x once again reinforces the reputation of Naim Audio CD players as still among the best, true to the musical flow and message.  Simple plug-and-play, slim, and built to last.  No such technical claims as other CD player or DAC manufacturers, just excellent mechanical integrity coupled with good engineering.  No clean but sterile sound here.  It reminds us of the CDX + XPS sound, at a more affordable price.

Feb 19, 2005

New customer system posted.  Click Me! to view.

Feb 16, 2005

New customer system posted.  Click Me! to view.

Feb 15, 2005

Check out the latest March 2005 Stereophile issue for a review of the Lavardin Model IS Reference integrated amplifier.  Click Me! to read some excerpts.


Check out the latest HiFi+, Issue No. 37, for a review of the Lavardin Model IT integrated amplifier, as well as the Music Maker MK3 Variable Reluctance cartridge.  More details to be posted soon.


"... phenomenal resolution and clarity, an effortlessly clean sound that made music and lyrics intelligible : seriously embarrasses some seriously heavy-weight competition ..."  ... 


The simple and purist Lavardin integrated amplifiers are still making waves, after all these years.  Excellent design and sound certainly cannot be ignored, and easily stands the test of time.  They're not for everyone, of course, but for those who own and matched them well, congratulations, these are one of the few worthy amps in their price range and even beyond, in our opinion.  They may seem on the high price, but as many reviewers have noted, these are actually bargains considering their sonic performance.  Some will be surprised at the items replaced by these unassuming integrateds in some homes - pre/power (stereo), pre/power (monoblocks), pre/power (bi-amped).


"It's for those audiophiles - more for melomanes, or music lovers - who want something simple, basic, pure, humanly scaled, domestically unobtrusive.  Any takers?" - Sam Tellig, Stereophile Mar 2005

Feb 10, 2005

Our Cain & Cain loudspeakers webpage has been created.  Click Me! to check out what Cain & Cain loudspeakers are all about.  A welcome addition to our stable of products.


Arriving soon, watch this space.  Compatible with both our solid-state Lavardin Technologies, and Naim Audio amplifiers ... and a whole load of other amplifiers with low power but high quality watts.


New customer system posted.  Click Me! to view.

Feb 01, 2005

Also available now in production, the double-arm Scheu Premier MK3 which accepts any length of tonearm from 9" to 12".  Photo below shows a Schroder DPS tonearm and a Scheu Tacco tonearm.

Scheu Tacco tonearm on the new armboard

Jan 28, 2005

The Esoteric P-01/D-01 SACD/CD Transport/DAC combination has won an Extra Prize at the Japan 2005 Audio Excellence Awards, for the Quest in Ultimate SACD Playback.  Please watch for more details on these products at our Esoteric website, now under construction.


What is the Japan Audio Excellence Awards ?  Scroll down to the Jan 24 news for more information ,or Click Me!.

Jan 27, 2005

We are glad to announce that the Scheu Analogue company is now under the able hands of Thomas' wife Ulla and Dr. Christian Feickert, and are now shipping pending orders.  New products are in the pipeline as well.


To all who have ordered the Scheu turntables, please get your table supports ready.  Expected arrival dates are next week.

Jan 25, 2005

One more time, another testimony to the incredible value:performance ratio of GSP Audio's (Graham Slee) products. 


From Enjoy The

Head To Head Headphone Amplifiers: Graham Slee Solo MC Versus The Aural Audition


"This is a new story of David and Goliath ... David here is represented by the diminutive Graham Slee Solo MC Headphone Amplifier weighing in at $950 US and 5 lbs ..."


"Goliath, or the Aural Audition Headphone Amplifier ... It comes in a very substantial and beautifully finished aluminum case and weighs in at $2,195 and 17 lbs."

"I could be very happy with either of these superb headphone amplifiers. On balance I prefer the Audition, but it's a win on points, not a knockout. It may not be fair to match a welterweight and a heavyweight in the same ring. Taken pound for pound or dollar for dollar, the Solo comes out ahead."


Read More ... including an interview with Graham Slee.

Jan 18, 2005

A new review of the Lavardin Model IS Reference amplifier has been posted, but mostly in German.  Click Me! to read excerpts in English.

Jan 14, 2005

When we first brought in GSP Audio's products, audiophiles in Southeast Asia were still generally unfamiliar with them.  We then compared the flagship Era Gold MKV + Elevator EXP with some well-known phono stages - Naim Prefix + Supercap, Linn Linto, FM Acoustics 222, FM Acoustics 111, Jeff Rowland Cadence, Audio Research PH3SE, Audio Research Reference, BAT VKP10 and VKP10-SE, Mark Levinson, Krell, Acoustech PH1, DACT CT-100, EAR 834P, Plinius M14, Plinius Jarrah, Tom Evans Groove, Pass Labs, Pathos, etc.  and most recently the 47 Labs.  Against such an array of brands, the relatively inexpensive wide bandwidth GSP phono stage set easily held its own - particularly in the areas of pace, rhythm, speed, transparency, tonal balance, timbre.


In time, these GSP models have gained the recognition they rightfully deserve, through editorial reviews from the major US and UK magazines, e-zines, and consumers.


All we can say is congratulations to electronics engineer Graham Slee for thinking out of the box by turning his back on traditional phono stage design, and in bringing us these excellent wide bandwidth products.


"Reviewed earlier this year by Andrew Harrison of HiFi News, we know it is now the reference phono stage for two of their staff writers. Hearing really is believing for these little silver beauties." - Hi-Audio, UK distributor


Hi-Fi World




Hi-Fi World

Awards 2004


Era Gold MK V

Runner-Up, Phono Stage


Well, can't win them all , but the award is definitely appreciated.  Anyway, the price difference between the Whest and the Era Gold MKV is •790 (approx. SGD 2528 difference in price).


At any rate, both were reviewed by different writers, and in different circumstances.  They have not yet heard the Era Gold MKV + Elevator EXP for playing low-output MC cartridges, like the competitor.  That would have been more interesting, preferably by the same writer.


We are pleased to announce another feather in Graham Slee's hat.  This time, the GSP Audio Era Gold MKV phono stage and Elevator EXP head amplifier/step-up pair is recognized by What Hi*Fi? Sound And Vision magazine in their Awards 2004 issue.


They compared it this time to the Roksan Caspian phono stage, one of their favorites.  The GSP Audio Era Gold MKV + Elevator EXP pair had already been reviewed much earlier against the Roksan Reference earlier by TNT Audio e-zine - Click Me! if you missed that review and wish to read it.

2004 Award Winners




What Hi*Fi?

Sound And Vision


Era Gold MK V + Elevator EXP


What HiFi awarded the Atacama Equinox with a five star review


"This two-box combination is one of the best phono stages we've ever heard - highly recommended."


More reviews ...

Jan 13, 2005

Hi-Fi News  Editor's Choice Award 2004

Hi-Fi News

Awards 2004

Editor's Choice 2004 - Cartridges


The Cartridge Man Music Maker

The Music Maker garners a prestigious  award from one of the UK's most respected and longest established Hi-Fi magazines.


"Once again, we must applaud Len Gregory, aka The Cartridge Man, for his special rebuild of a Grado moving-magnet cartridge.  Results justify Len's flamboyant designation: it really is a 'Musicmaker'."

Jan 08, 2005

Lavardin Technologies is now distributed in the USA by Fidelis, North American distributor for Harbeth.  For those at the C.E.S. in Las Vegas, check them out. 


And thanks to some customers for pointing them out, we have posted some consumer review excerpts on Lavardin Technologies amplifiers.  Click Me! to read.



We've also posted some consumer review excerpts ( on the Living Voice loudspeakers.  Click Me! to read.



GSP Audio has come a long way from its humble roots - all through high quality, rather than advertising dollar.


Hi-Fi News Award 2004

Hi-Fi News Awards 2004

Era Gold and Elevator EXP

Best Phono Stage 2004


From one of the UK's most respected and longest established Hi-Fi magazines:

"We feel that these units really do help you hear more of what's on the record.  Designer Graham Slee started by throwing away the conventional wisdom about how phono pre-amplifiers should be designed - especially ideas of curtailing frequency response at both ends of the spectrum.  Instead, in the interests of fast impulse response and accurate phono response, these GSP devices have a very wide bandwidth indeed."


A new consumer review on the Era Gold MKV has been posted as well, with an interesting comparison with the EAR 834P phono stage, using a Rega P9 turntable with a Garrot Bros. cartridge.  Click Me! to read.


Also, from Enjoy the

Phono Stage Shootout!

Rega Fono MC
Clearaudio Micro Basic
Pro-Ject Phono Box SE
Pro-Ject Tube Box


"Now to bring a joker into the pack, how does the Tube Box, our clear winner, compare to my reference phono stage, the Graham Slee Era Gold V? Is it worth paying close to twice the price for this high output only unit?"     Click Me! to read more ....

Jan 03, 2005

New customer system added.  Click Me! to view.


We have updated the Scheu Premier MK2 turntable assembly instructions.  Click Me! to read.


The user manual for the Schrder Reference tonearm has been updated with instructions for the new counterweight design.  Click Me! to read.



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