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News  2006 : Soundscape HiFi : Page 3

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News 2006 : Page 3


Mar 21, 2006

The new Graham Slee Revelation Switched EQ phono stage is now in production.  Based on the Jazz Club model, the Graham Slee Revelation pushes the performance envelope further.  The Jazz Club and the Revelation allow users to play their very old records with the right equalisation curve, on which virtually all of the known equalisation characteristics can be selected, equalising the music accurately and in one go, so as not to lose any valuable information. 


At their retail prices, the Jazz Club and the Revelation are the most affordable solutions to switched EQ phono stages, in comparison to the more expensive Zanden and FM Acoustics models.  And recording engineers have found great use with the Jazz Club.


Mar 16, 2006

Check out some photos of the Scheu Analog room at the Frankfurt Analogue Show 2006.  Germany, land of Analog.



Mar 15, 2006

View customer system update.


Mar 13, 2006

Sound & Sight Journal Issue 57

Sound And Sight Journal


For our visitors who can read Mandarin, check out the latest issue of Singapore's only high-end magazine, the Sound & Sight Journal.  Featured in this issue is the Singapore HiFi Show 2005, with photos and some comments.


For information on where to buy the magazine, visit the Contact page of Sound & Sight Journal.


Soundscape HiFi


Translated :

Soundscape HiFi demoed the setup from Pluto Audio, Lavardin IT and Rockport Mira. The dynamics and fast pace at the low frequency is so convincing. Hearing is believing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


View customer system update.

Mar 8, 2006

Our Boulder Amplifiers, Inc. page is up, read more about the Boulder 850 monoblocks.


With the Boulder 850 monoblocks, Boulder has avoided the off-the-shelf, switch-mode modules and topologies to ensure much better performance and to protect residual value.  "With the release of the 850 Mono Amplifier, the Boulder performance enthusiasts desired but could never afford is finally attainable. "


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Built like a tank, at 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms (250w into 4 ohms), these amplifiers serve a wide range of needs.  Check it out at our showroom driving the Living Voice Auditorium 2 loudspeakers or the Hyperion HPS-906 standmount loudspeakers.

Mar 6, 2006

Fresh from the press, a few official photos of the latest Scheu Analogue turntables have been posted, more to follow.  Scheu Analogue has just come back from exhibiting these new multi-arm models at the Frankfurt Analogue Meeting March 2006 show.  Germany indeed has one of the strongest analogue communities in the world, having shows dedicated mainly to analogue equipment, as well as magazines.

Feb 26, 2006

The Living Voice Auditorium 2 loudspeakers are back on demo. 


Analog source is the brilliant and elegant dps 2 turntable partnered with the super-popular and award-winning reference quality Graham Slee Era Gold V + Graham Slee Elevator EXP phono stage. 


Feel free to drop by and listen.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


View customer system update.

Feb 13, 2006

View customer system update.

Feb 11, 2006

The Living Voice loudspeakers are benchmark and reference speakers by senior reviewers at Hi-Fi+, HiFi Choice, and Ultra High Fidelity magazines.  The UHF magazine review has finally been posted online, read how 3 of their writers first reviewed the OBX-R2 (and eventually selected it as the replacement for their decade-long reference speakers). All we can say is that the UHF staff have good ears and a great sense of musicality for sure :)


"A million speakers look just like it. Few sound anything like it." "A reference quality speaker in plainclothes."


"The first time I saw the Avatars I expected them to sound adequate but boring.  Surprise! This is one of the world•s great speakers, and certainly one of the greatest to have such a small physical footprint. It will reproduce nearly anything you can throw at it with grace and respect for musical virtues. And I say •nearly• from elementary caution, not because I•ve witnessed any exceptions. True, it requires proper care and feeding. But then I•ve been told Ferraris won•t run on regular gas, either."
- Gerard Rejskind, Vegas 2001 Show Report, UHF Magazine


"We have a long list of requirements, apart from the obvious one, namely very high performance. Because we have limited space in the Alpha room, the speaker needs a small footprint. It needs to be efficient enough that we can use it to test an entry-level integrated amplifier. And because we use it to review other components, it must have extremely broad frequency range, and lots of headroom even at the extremes. Does the Avatar qualify? Possibly. We will be spending some more time with it, and we will decide together. We have used our present reference speakers for over a decade. If we want similar service for their replacement, we will need to think long and hard."  - UHF magazine


Read the full review ... (in pdf format)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We are now dealers for the excellent range of Boulder products. Introducing the 200-watt 850 monoblock amplifiers, Boulder at a more affordable price.

Boulder, Hutter, Simaudio, Leben, dps

Boulder 850 mono amplifiers
Feb 5, 2006

Living Voice loudspeakers ... still our benchmark speakers, these will be back soon in our showroom, sorely missed.  After all these years living with these speakers (and comparing with many others), we can confidently state that Living Voice loudspeakers are definitely references when it comes to delivering the music's message (for many types of music), as opposed to just being good at reproducing sound, which is totally different. 


It's the music that matters most with the Living Voice Auditorium range, and their speed alone, which rivals those of horn speakers, already makes a huge difference to the musical message (not surprising since Living Voice makes some of the best horn speakers). Those who only listen to sound without feeling the music will never get it, but not knowing is bliss anyway. The review excerpt below echoes what we mean by this.

"Definitive/Living Voice is set in one of the city's "dark satanic mills" that's been beautifully restored and now houses light industrial warehouses and workshops. But forget the outside. It's what's inside that counts. Definitive is now the Kondo UK distributor and Kevin has a Kondo system set up and playing through the latest iteration of his Living Voice OBXR speakers. The sound is something else and something else again. Unbelievable. Tonally, I found a richness there (and this was on CD) that seemed like the difference between a real wood fire as opposed to everything else I've heard coming across like a gas or electric. I went with a very experienced audiophile who thought he had reached what he has always been looking for with a Lindemann/Boulder/M•rten Design Coltrane system and when he came away, realized he was going to start from square one all over again.  We've both been haunted ever since." 


- Excerpt from SixMoons review of the Living Voice Mystic Mat - In Vinylo Veritas : Vignettes of Vinyl" (scroll to bottom)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The Dr. Feickert Analogue Alignment Tool will soon be available at our showroom, watch this space for arrival.  This is definitely one outstanding design of an alignment tool, and will be our reference.  Easy to use, well-made, and with great attention to little details that can only result in better accuracy.


Parallel Tracking Air Bearing tonearm, anyone ?  Without the very high cost.  The Cartridge Man, Len Gregory, has been busy.  Coming soon will be The Conductor, a parallel tracking air bearing tonearm designed and made at a price point much lower than current similar designs from Walker Audio, Kuzma, etc...


Forget the issues of  high pressure air pumps, the Conductor uses a simple high flow low pressure aquarium based air pump system that negates the need for expensive stainless steel pressure fittings and fixings.  Mountable on most standard turntables.


Another good arm that can be mounted on the double-arm Scheu Premier MK2 or MK3, or the triple-arm new Scheu Analog model.

The Cartridge Man : The Conductor parallel tracking air bearing tonearm

Click to enlarge

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Due to overwhelming response worldwide, lead delivery time for the Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex phono stage has been moved up to 4 weeks.  Our initial order is sold out, watch this space for new arrivals.


Incidentally, Graham Slee Projects is now known as Graham Slee Projects Limited.  Want to know more about the people behind Graham Slee Projects Limited ?  Please visit the Graham Slee "About Us" webpage.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


We have updated our Products webpage to break down the product listing by both product type and brand, for the convenience of our readers : Soundscape HiFi Products

Feb 2, 2006

The Audio-Technica AT33-PTG phono cartridges are back in stock, limited quantities, SGD 550 this time.  Price varies due to Japanese exchange rate fluctuations, where the AT33-PTG can be SGD 600++ at certain times.  The AT33-PTG is a cartridge meant only for the Japan market, but we occasionally bring these in as we find them excellent value in relation to their sonic performance.  This is our preferred cartridge in its price range, to be matched with the right arm in well-balanced systems.  (Webmaster Note: All sold out as at Feb 5.  Until then, watch this space for new arrivals).


After 4 years without price increases, the inevitable has to happen and Hutter racks and furniture will increase slightly in price, due to price increases in raw materials and Austrian local transport costs.  These new prices will be effective by March 1, 2006.  Watch this page for more details.

Jan 24, 2006

Incoming ... watch this News page for more details

Scheu Turntables

Prototype 1 : Photo 1

Scheu Turntables

Prototype 1 : Photo 2

More turntable prototype 1 photos ...

Jan 12, 2006

Great news for Graham Slee Era Gold V phono stage owners.  The Era Gold V will be upgradeable to the flagship model Era Gold Reflex phono stage, cost will be about just the price difference. 

  • Applies to every Era Gold V featuring the latest case (front panel showing V logo)

  • Fully modified for virtually the price difference

  • Includes new front panel

  • Resets existing warranty back to 2 years

  • "Green Upgrade" - existing case and PCB is recycled

  • Fully specification tested

One can then go with an Era Gold V today, and go for the Era Gold Reflex upgrade tomorrow.  Upgrade kit currently being worked out for users outside the UK.  Watch this News page for further details.

Jan 03, 2006

Graham Slee Gram Amp 3 Fanfare MC Phono StageGraham Slee presents the Gram Amp 3 Fanfare MC phono stage, at SGD 680, an affordable phono stage without the budget sound.


"A complete dedicated Moving Coil RIAA phono stage in one box plus remote power supply. Suitable for all low output moving coil cartridges between 0.2 and 1.0 mV output. With the high performance you've come to expect from Graham Slee, this is an absolute bargain."


Read more ...

Jan 1, 2006


We present new products and upcoming products to mark the end of the year 2005 and start the year 2006.


My Sonic Lab Eminent MC Phono Cartridges

We are committed to bring you only the best of breed in analogue playback.  Joining our league of extraordinary analogue products in January 2006 are the My Sonic Lab MC phono cartridges, from Japan.


Some customers ask us how we come to know of the analogue goodies that we offer, when the products are not heavy on paid advertisements, and may even be considered "exotic".  One local dealer saw our dps turntable (and even the Scheu Premier) and said that we liked to bring in exotic products.


My Sonic Lab Eminent MC Stereo phono cartridgeWell, on the contrary. We don't base our decisions on popularity.  We bring in high-performance, high-quality, high-end analogue products, recommended to us by those who know.  These "exotic" products are actually well-known among insiders.  We listen to a few reputable experienced analogue veterans that we trust to guide us in our choices.  Insider choices - select and exclusive, and none have failed us so far.


In the case of the My Sonic Lab, our customer who bought a Rockport Sirius 3 turntable from us first introduced the My Sonic Lab Eminent MC phono cartridge to us.  Other acquaintances followed suit and pitched in their recommendations as well for this cartridge, and finally was bolstered by no less than a recommendation from a manufacturer of an excellent turntable, who by the way also recommends the Jan Allaerts MC1B phono cartridge.


Hence, we bring you the My Sonic Lab Eminent stereo MC phono cartridge, as well as the My Sonic Lab Eminent Solo mono MC phono cartridge.  Experience what the My Sonic Lab Eminent has to offer, and why it has captivated many.


"In fact the Eminent's bass is both taut and deep, the usually over•blown double bass on the Cinematic Orchestra's Theme De Yo Yo enjoys a degree of resolution that I've not previously heard. Which might suggest that this is a lean cartridge but this is patently not the case, as albums such as Mezzanine prove. This tautness also brings with it a tunefulness in the bass which is extremely gratifying and means that tunes make better rhythmic sense.
There's no denying the
strong sense of pace that the Eminent brings to the party and the degree to which it responds to each recording. This is a first class moving coil that deserves to be a front-runner for any one with this sort of budget."

- HiFi+


Click Me! to visit our My Sonic Lab webpage for more information.


How much does a My Sonic Lab Eminent MC Stereo phono cartridge cost ?  Prices vary worldwide due to different import duties, taxes, cost of operations, etc.  An indication of its pricing is that it approximately costs EUR 4200 in Europe and GBP 2750 in the UK.


DPS Turntable

DPS TurntableThe elegant DPS turntable from Germany is now on demo, check it out at our showroom.


Low mass design that performs like high mass ? Yes, Willi Bauer has indeed succeeded in merging the good qualities of high mass design into the inherent low mass design of the dps turntable - i.e. desirable high mass qualities like good bass extension, pitch stability, and assured presentation.


We have also added some photos to our DPS turntable webpage.  Click Me! to view.


Living Voice Loudspeakers

Living Voice OBX-R2 in wooden finish.  Click for more wood finishes.Also upcoming for January 2006 are two new Living Voice loudspeaker models.


Living Voice IBX-R2 - Due to very high popular request, Living Voice is releasing the IBX-R2 model.  This is an OBX-R2 without the external crossovers.  Consumers who want the performance capabilities of the OBX-R2 but could not accommodate the external crossovers can now enjoy the OBX-R2 award-winning sonics through the new IBX-R2.


Living Voice OBX-RW - another version of the OBX-R2, for those who would prefer a slightly bigger version.  But what makes this model truly special are that the high-quality parts are mostly manufactured by Living Voice themselves, including capacitors, etc.  Indicative price will be GBP 7000 for the standard finishes.


More details soon on these two new models.


The OBX-R2 and IBX-R2 models now have a new wood finish as well, Satin Walnut, from the Red Gum tree.  Click Me! to view a sample photo, as well as other available finishes.


Graham Slee Projects

Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex phono stageWe have updated our Graham Slee Projects webpage, and now includes details on the new Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex phono stage, as well as photos.  Soon to arrive at our shores, the Era Gold Reflex pushes the envelope further on the multi-awarded Era Gold V's sonic performance. 


The Era Gold V will still be in production, great product that it is.  Anyone is welcome to bring their phono stage for comparison, price irrelevant, and we can demonstrate the difference a wide-bandwidth design brings (*note: we don't trade in unless they are well-marketed overseas like Pass Labs Xono (usual trade-in value), Audio Research Reference (lower  trade-in value), etc.).


The Reflex presents itself as an option for those who are willing to go even further, for a slightly higher price.  The Reflex is the result of two years of tuning the highly respected Era Gold V to the limits of currently available technology.


Click Me! for more details.


Click Me! to check out our new Graham Slee Online Sales section as well, both for our local and overseas customers.


Scheu Analog

More Tacco unipivot tonearms from Scheu Analog will greet the new year 2006.  Superb tonearms, well-designed and sonically outstanding.  We can't wait to mount one on our demo DPS turntable or Scheu Premier turntable.


Click Me! to view the two wood finishes offered, amboina and thuja wood finishes.


Other News

Some accessories are now up for sale at our new Online Shop.  More items will be gradually added.  Click Me! to check it out.


Some customer systems have been added or updated.  Click Me! to view.


New reviews of Vinyl Accessories:

Published by, all covered in one review by Edward Barker.  Click Me! to read "In Vinylo Veritas: Vignettes of Vinyl".  You'll also see a photo of the Cartridge Man, Len Gregory :)


The Cartridge Man Isolators, reviewed above by Mr. Barker, and his choice of  Product of the Year, are in stock.  Check them out at our showroom.  Photos on the right, click to enlarge if desired.  In case you're wondering why we're playing a Looney Tunes record, that's actually a Van Halen EP with songs from the 1st LP.

The Cartridge Man Isolator


The Cartridge Man Isolator

The Cartridge Man Isolator



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News 2006 : Page 3



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