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Dec 06, 2007

KAB SpeedStrobe



KAB SpeedStrobe

Image : KAB Speedstrobe on top of a 12" record (LP)

Finally, the KAB Speedstrobes are back in stock.


Best turntable speed tester that we have ever tried.  Furthermore, the strobe disc is 10" in diameter, which leaves an allowance to test the speed with stylus drag taken into consideration. 


In our experience, this stylus drag varies among cartridges too.


Also available at New Disc Village, your friendly music store located at :

          1 Coleman Street
          #03-15 The Adelphi
          Singapore 179803
          Tel: 6334 4209
          Fax: 6334 4209


Dec 05, 2007

Check out the Neat Acoustics Momentum 4i speakers at our showroom, the speakers are nicely opening up each day of use. 


Iso-baric loading is a familiar feature on Neat loudspeakers, this being their favoured system for delivering exemplary bass performance.

The iso-baric principle is exploited in quite a radical way in the design of the Momentum 4i, which features two 6.5" bass drive units in an integral subwoofer arrangement (this part of the system is hidden from view).

An •Ultimatum• type bass/midrange main driver then handles frequencies up to the crossover point, where the latest version of Neat's •NMT• inverted titanium dome tweeter, with its extended HF response, takes over.

Size (hxwxd) : 105 x 22 x 23cm
Weight : 25Kg each
Impedance : 8 Ohms (minimum 5 Ohms)
Sensitivity : 88dB/1 watt

System : 2.5-way iso-baric bass reflex, incorporating integral iso-baric subwoofer.

Neat Acoustics Momentum 4i


Check out The Conductor parallel tracking air bearing tonearm at our showroom,

here mounted on a Scheu Premier turntable

The Conductor tonearm


Nov 14, 2007

Tron Electric

Tron Electric


We are pleased to announce that we will be carrying much more outstanding products from Tron Electric.  Innovative engineering from the UK.  A phono stage that does not need any loading, plug-and-play ?  A filterless DAC (available in Dec) ?  211 power amps ?  These are only some of the products in line for the serious audiophile. 


Some manufacturers have already discovered Tron, in use for example by Frank Schroder and TW Acustics, among others.


For the Singapore 2007 hifi show from Nov 16 to 18, 2007 at the Le Meridien Hotel, we will be demonstrating the Tron Seven and Tron Seven Reference phono stages, both the two-input versions (1 input is standard), which allows two tonearms to be connected at the same time.  Recommended by no less than Jan Allaerts and TW Acustic, superb phono stages that can drive even the mighty almost unmeasurable Jan Allaerts Formula 1 cartridge.  What is remarkable is that it is tube-based, and yet Tron took care of the noise.


And of course, we will have a Jan Allaerts cartridge and TW Acustic Raven One turntable + TW Acustic Vivid Two tonearm serving analog duty.  We would have liked to use a TW Acustic Raven AC turntable, but these sell too fast that we can only have our next batch in December.


Da Vinci Audio Labs is also releasing a more economical version of the Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm, called the Nobile.  Scheduled release is on Dec 2007, but we are trying to get one in time for the hifi show.


And for loudspeakers, we will have a standmount pair of superb loudspeakers manufactured by dps on demo, the Bauer Audio M5. Powerful and large-scale standmount speakers.


Floorstander duties will partly be handled by a speaker that goes down to 17Hz and up to 30kHz, and is adjustable in both bass and treble.  What is remarkable is that it is just a diminutive floorstander, from LeContoure, sister company of Lavardin Technologies.  These are the speakers that have been used by Lavardin Technologies in developing their amplifiers, and is now available to the public.  Stable impedance at 7ohms, easy to drive even by Lavardin's smallest Model IS amplifier.



LeContoure Stabile 160


"They  reproduce the 32 feet wave of the organ and sound at the same time like reference panels (ESL and Magnepan) without being as large and fussy about placement in the room. The Stabile 160 can be set nearly anywhere in the room, near or far from the rear wall, and procure the same full spectrum and large image with no boomy response."

Stabile 160 Specs:

frequency response : 17Hz to 30kHz
max power : 100W
impedance : 7 ohm
efficiency : 87.5 dB
Height : 105cm
depth : 24cm
width : 22cm
weight : 24 Kg each
finish : "Aulne" natural (photos), black, light ash textured
base : satin black

LeContoure Stabile 160

LeContoure Stabile 160


And of course, we will have Kondo electronics, the benchmark of many other tube amplifier makers.

May 9, 2007

The webpage for the Kondo Ongaku integrated amplifier has been added. 


Since 1988, Ongaku is the evergreen model of Audio Note Japan. The current production is now using partial KSL technology (internal wiring). This improved the overall frequencies response over the older productions.


The Ongaku is the most popular model in the Kondo range.  Manufacturing time is less than the other models due to the demand and its popularity.


The Ongaku is the amplifier that inspired the worldwide single-ended movement.


Read more ...


Read one of the many reviews on the Ongaku.

Kondo Ongaku



The new webpage for the Kondo Gakuoh II,  the VT-4C (211) Parallel Single Monaural Power Amplifier, will be completed soon.  These utilize the same tubes as the Kondo Ongaku, but as monaural power amplifiers.  Watch for it.

The webpage for the new Kondo IO-M MC phono cartridge has been added. 


"From the coil windings to the output pins, only a pure silver path is used. The coil windings of the Kondo IO-M are made from silver that has been age annealed for ten years for total music enjoyment."


Read more ...





Kondo IO-M cartridge


Photos of the updated Isenberg Audio 845 phono stage will be posted soon, courtesy of one of our customers.  The best phono stage to drive one's Jan Allaerts Formula 1 cartridge, as well as other "difficult-to-drive" cartridges.  One has not really heard a Jan Allaerts Formula 1 phono cartridge, or even a Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish, optimally until it is run through an Isenberg Audio 845 phono stage.


Speaking of Jan Allaerts cartridges, demand is still at a high level, watch out for the reviews from US high-end magazines soon.



New Momentum series models from Neat Acoustics have been launched.  Watch out for our new Neat Acoustics webpage.



We will soon have the wonderful dps turntable back on demo in our showroom very soon.



The TW Acustic Raven turntables, in both AC and One versions, continue to soar in demand worldwide.  Due to their superb performance, these turntables have been very well-received and talked about in vinyl forums, and rightfully so.  Selling at "a price that is not crazy", it is sonically outperforming more expensive and flashy turntables.  Add in a Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm or one's favorite tonearms (the Raven AC model can accommodate 4), and rediscover one's record collection.

May 1, 2007

The new Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm from Switzerland will be on display at our showroom from today, for a limited period.


Grandezza Grand Reference Grandezza Grand Reference


View a new customer system which sports the first TW Acustic Raven AC turntable in Malaysia.


Apr 27, 2007

In response to the numerous queries on the minimum shelf space required for a TW Acustic Raven AC turntable, please visit our TW Acustic webpage for the information which has been posted.  The TW Acustic Raven range of turntables, sonically among the pound-for-pound favorites in the high-caliber turntable rankings.



Kondo's flagship KSL M-1000 preamplifier has been refined and updated to KSL-M1000 MKII status.


Some of the more important updates are the following :


● a newly developed Line and Phono module construction


new techniques to extend performance levels by reducing lead lengths, improving mechanical stability and optimizing critical ground layout



Attention to every detail that makes a Kondo what it is, state-of-art in valve technology sound reproduction.

Kondo KSL M-1000 MKII



Need to upgrade your tonearm's internal wiring ?  We now have the Kondo AN-AI silver tonearm cables.  Sold in 2m length sets,  each set will have sufficient length to cover the 4 wires needed for a tonearm's internal wiring.  Expensive ?  No, very affordable at only SGD 195 per 2m length.  And it's a Kondo ...


* note : we only sell the cable, and we do not have the service to change your tonearms's cables, but we can provide some references



Kondo's unique phono cartridge, the Kondo IO-J, is now no longer being made.  Retipping services are still offered, but only for those that were produced by Kondo Audio Note Japan, not the IO from Audio Note UK which is a different company.  "Retipping" includes a new cantilever and stylus, new coil, and adjustment to new specifications.  Price from USD 1000.


However, good news !  The replacement cartridge, the Kondo IO-M, is now available.  With similar specifications, the Kondo IO-M sells at a suggested retail price of only USD 7000, significantly at a lower price than the Kondo IO-J which cost USD 15000.  This is because the Kondo IO-M has been designed with regular pins, which means everyone can now use the Kondo IO-M cartridge with their usual tonearms/tonearm cables.  Previously, the Kondo IO-J had female pins, and extra Kondo cables.  The company has been able to make the cartridge more cost-effective.


In this time of ever-soaring prices of everything, the Kondo IO-M is a breath of fresh air.



Neat Acoustics loudspeakers ... takes some time to burn in, but when they do, simply amazing !  For example, the Neat Ultimatum MF7 loudspeaker together with the ever popular amplification partnered with Neats, Naim Audio, rocks our showroom like no other big speaker yet - not the Rockport Mira, not the Watt Puppy, not the Avalon Radian, etc..  The Neat Ultimatum delivers superbly articulate, timbrally accurate, and visceral powerful bass - with only 70 watts of Naim Audio power.  The Isobarik design of the Neat Ultimatums is just killer, definitely not a marketing gimmick, it's real.  Check it out at our showroom while still there ...  our showroom is not even ideal for bass, yet the Neats already deliver in spades.


And that's just with a CD player ... not even one of our turntables ...

Neat Acoustics MF7



View a new customer system (belated post) ...


April 26, 2007

A new reference tonearm has been born, the new Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm from Switzerland, manufactured by Da Vinci Audio Labs.  Our webpage for Da Vinci is up, and more information will be posted soon, including more photos when these tonearms are at our showroom on May 2 to 3, 2007 (they were already at Brussels yesterday, and are now at the DHL facility in Amsterdam).


Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm


Indeed a reference, the tonearm in its previous iteration now graces some of the world's best turntable systems.  For example, together with the fantastic TW Acustic Raven turntables, these products have been very well-received in Hongkong alone, thanks to its distributor J. Lam of Audio Exotics - the youngest retailer of upscale audio equipment in Hongkong  (Singapore has the youngest probably at around 20-years old :)).  Want to read more about this gentleman and his clients using TW Acustic Raven turntables and Da Vinci Audio Labs products, and more pictures ?  Then visit's Srajan Ebaen's tour of Audio Exotics in Hongkong


And if one wants to know more about Da Vinci Audio Labs and TW Acustic Raven turntables from customers' viewpoints, please visit AE's forum as your first stop.


We will soon have our own moderated forums on our products as well, for our customers in Singapore and Malaysia to get together, and for others as well who would like to contribute.  Watch for it ...


Grandezza Grand Reference.

Employing ruby bearing technology, the Swiss-made Grandezza is constructed from a bronze base and double gimbal bearing technology with ruby from a Swiss watch manufacturer. This means azimuth adjustment is no longer required. The anti-skate is set via a generated magnetic field.  Real 24K gold-plated.


Each Grandezza Grand Reference tonearm will come together with one of the best protractors around, to be able to fully optimize the Grandezza Grand Reference.  Attention to detail certainly counts in getting the most out of one's analogue system, and da Vinci's protractor is superb.

Da Vinci Audio Labs protractor for tonearms


Some of our products have received Year 2006 awards, most notable are :


Product Of The Year 2006 - Six


Living Voice OBX-RW Loudspeakers


for the ultimate expression of a classic UK loudspeaker

Product Of The Year 2006 - Six


Kondo KSL-M77 Ongaku Preamplifier


for the absolute pinnacle of the preamp art in the extreme price category


The Isenberg Audio 845 phono stage has been updated, with further improvements to raise the sonic bar higher. 


Still only one of the very few phono stages that can drive and give justice to a Jan Allaerts Formula 1 or Finish phono cartridge.  Some may think their typical phono stage may work with these cartridges, but that perception will change once heard through the 845 Phono stage.


Email Us for a package offer of an 845 Phono plus either a Jan Allaerts Formula 1 or Finish phono cartridge, a super combination.




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