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Scheu Analog Magazine Reviews

Scheu Analog - HiFi Show Feedback


Scheu Analog - Magazine Reviews

LP Magazin

Germany, 2005

LP magazin - Scheu Premier MK3, Leben CS300

"The Scheu is an absolutely solid recommendation with various conceivable variations of tonearm and cartridge combinations, it offers an ideal foundation."


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AV Extreme

Greece, 2003

AV Extreme Greece - Scheu Premier turntable and  Cantus tonearm review

".. it comes naturally for me to say that the Premier II / Cantus / MC Silver is one of the best turntables I've ever listened to. This is not a conclusion I came to by simply calculating all the factors, as it usually happens when reviewing high-end equipment. This turntable does not simply reproduce music events. Instead, it offers a whole musical feast, something that very few turntables can do (and most of them at much higher prices). What an excellent design!"


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The Absolute Sound

The Absolute Sound magazine

•Impressive to look at, glorious to listen to, the Eurolab (Scheu) Premier belongs among the handful of the best turntables ever made, regardless of price. That it is priced not all that far above several manufacturers' entry-level models is almost too good to be true. If you're in the market for a new turntable and fail to investigate this one, you run the risk of enacting another audiophile cliche: the fool who is soon parted from his money. .•


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1. "The mass of the platter is so great that the little variations in drag from the stylus are unable to make substantial changes in platter speed. The result • great speed stability. Since warps and off - centeredness of records are, in the majority of cases, far greater sources of audible speed variations than platter behavior, speed stability can be verified directly only by having a well-centered, warp-free record."


2.  "The use of acrylic as a platter material has become common, apparently on the grounds that acrylic and vinyl have nearly the same mechanical impedance. Thus, the reasoning goes, pressing a vinyl record onto an acrylic platter should produce maximum energy transfer from the record into the platter, minimizing contamination of the sound by vinyl vibrations."


3.  "As it happened, I reviewed the Eurolab •blind• • to the price. I had no idea how much it cost until I had finished my listening and written most of the review. I estimated around US$5,500 (without arm), and was prepared to say that it represented excellent value for money and compared favorably to much more expensive tables.  Imagine then how much more strongly it recommends itself at its actual price of US$2,100!  I think real listeners will find this redefines vinyl playback in the less-than-stratospheric range. I suggest you hear this set-up no matter how much money you are able to spend (short of the Rockport, anyway). "


4.  "The massiveness of the Premier•s platter and its ability to remain unperturbed under dynamic conditions are such that you can tap the record surface during play and not hear anythinganything • through the speakers. I•ve not witnessed a more impressive demonstration of isolation-cum-damping since my Sota Star/SME IV / Virtuoso Boron ensemble kept playing without skipping a groove during the 1987 earthquake that hit Los Angeles."

AV Extreme

Greece, 2002


AV Extreme Greece - Scheu Premier turntable review

The Opening Statement:  "When I first saw the complete Scheu turntable, I didn't know what to assume. The construction is very simple in all levels, especially in the case of the tonearm, yet it is very clever and effective (as the listening tests proved). On top of that, the complete turntable costs only 2.628 euros, which makes it affordable to everyone. "How good can it be?" I wondered, and I believe you will agree with me when you look closely at the pictures. You will see that the platter is acrylic (with high manufacturing standards) and the tonearm is a simple, metallic H that sits on a simple spike..."


The Conclusion:  "Listening to the complete Scheu system, all of us wondered why should anyone want to buy a more expensive turntable if the only thing he cares about is listening to music in the most pleasurable way. True, some of the turntables in this comparative test (unfortunately a lot more costly than this combo) offer more, to a degree, than this. Still, when comparing the thrills and exaltation we felt listening to this turntable to other far more expensive designs, the differences are really minor. Therefore, the Scheu is an extremely competitive design. If this is not a best buy, I don't know what else is. All you have to do is listen to it and you will understand."


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Scheu Analog - HiFi Show Feedback



Analogue Show


Check out some photos below of the Scheu Analog room at the Frankfurt Analogue Show 2006.  Germany, land of Analog.


The Scheu Analog room

Ulla Scheu and the four Franks in Frankfurt - Frank Schr•der (of Schr•der Tonearms), Frank S•ffing (co-designer of the new Scheu Analog turntables), Frank Levin (who is responsible for the Scheu Tacco Tonearms), and Frank (Scheu Analog new quality control).  New triple tonearm Scheu Analog turntables, and quadruple Franks :)

The Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 1 (DL No. 1) turntable

The Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 2 (DL No. 2 / 60er), acrylic version, under the light with a pink record of Madonna

The Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 2 (DL No. 2 / 60er), slate version

The legendary Frank Schroder setting up a Schroder Model 2 tonearm


Six logo


Best Systems at Singapore 2003 HiFi Show. 


Forum: The Echo Loft Singapore hifi forum - Feedback - Click Me! to read


Press: Report - Click Me! to read and view very nice photos

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Scheu Analog Magazine Reviews / HiFi Show Feedback


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