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Thomas Scheu (pronounced 'shoy', as in "boy") is looking back at an experience of more than 20 years in designing high-quality record players that perform beyond their price.


These designs became well-known in DIY circles, and we can only be glad that he brought his ideas into production.  His concept and designs have also inspired and spawned other turntable designs.


The Scheu designs have had several reviews in the German press like H•rerlebnis, Klang & Ton, Hifi & Records just to mention a few.  In the international press,  the Premier MK1 was reviewed in The Absolute Sound (issue 132) which also led to the Golden Ear Award in 2001.


But it's acrylic and not some exotic material, one asks ?  Sure it is, but it's the sonic performance that counts.  It also keeps the price competitive.  Furthermore, if one has experience with various acrylic turntables, they all don't sound alike.


But it's so simple ?  Well, that's one reason it sounds great :)  Of course, thought has been put into it.


* The Scheu was once rebadged and known as Eurolab in the United States.

Scheu Premier MK2, Classic MK1 tonearm, Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish cartridge


Scheu Analog -  Table Of Contents:

Scheu Analog Turntables

Scheu Analog Unipivot Tonearms

Magazine Reviews on Scheu products

HiFi Shows - Feedback on Scheu products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Scheu products

Scheu Customer Systems of Soundscape - Pictures

Photos : Scheu Das Laufwerk 1 Prototype  


Scheu Premier MK3, Scheu Classic MK2 tonearm, Koetsu cartridge


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Scheu Turntables


Scheu Cello Turntable


Scheu Cello Turntable

"The Scheu Cello is our introductory turntable.

It was developed with the aim of transferring as many of the virtues of the Premier as much as possible to a compact and attractive turntable with its own integrated drive unit. ..."


Find out more about the Scheu Cello turntable.


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Scheu Premier MK2 and Scheu Premier MK3 Turntables

Scheu Premier MK2 turntable, Schroder Reference tonearm

Scheu Premier MK2

The whole story started around 20 years ago, when Thomas Scheu began to think about designing his own turntable. Through the years with growing knowledge on the crucial parts of designing, he further developed an initial idea on how to build a state of the art turntable at an affordable price - the Scheu Premier MK2 turntable.


Find out more about the Scheu Premier MK2 turntable.

Scheu Premier MK3, Scheu Tacco

Scheu Premier MK3

The difference between the Premier MK3 and the Premier MK2 model is in the plinth and armboards.   The MK3 is an upgraded model of the two-arm MK2 version, and the MK3 plinth is designed for two arms, and can accommodate any tonearm length between 9" to 12" without changing the plinth entirely. 


Find out more about the Scheu Premier MK3 turntable.


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Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 1 and Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 2 Turntables

Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 1

Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 1

Derived from the Premier Mk3's shell design and optimised for stability and reduction of resonance, the result offers increased flexibility, amongst other things, along with the possibility of using three tone arms of differing lengths. The turntable is seated on steel feet adjustable in height by means of a fine thread that can either be flat or shaped into a spike and are located directly under the bases for the arms.


Find out more about the Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 1 turntable.

Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 2

Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 2

The new flagship of the family.


By omitting the lead shot chamber and joining two shell halves, a turntable of unadorned elegance came into being. Since no lead shot could be used to diminish resonance effects, other solutions needed to be found.


Find out more about the Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 2 (60er) turntable.


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Scheu Tonearms


Scheu Classic MK2 tonearm

Scheu Classic MK2

"More than 10 years in the market and still one of the best ones.... Unipivot design, easy to setup and unbeatable price level are the major points beneath the brilliant sonic performance. We offer this tonearm in two versions - 10 and 12 inch."

Find out more about the Scheu Classic MK2

Scheu Cantus tonearm

Scheu Cantus

"Cantus! The base of this tonearm is the same as of the Tacco tonearm. We were looking for an approach to nearly match all the qualities of the Tacco and what came out was this not only wonderful to look at tonearm manufactured of acrylic."


Find out more about the Scheu Cantus

Scheu Tacco Tonearm

Scheu Tacco

"We call our new approach to a high-end unipivot tonearm Tacco. You might ask what this means. Well, in German language it is a kind of expression that everything is alright.... When listening to it you•ll find out that this is not overstated. We drew high attention to all design details and to geometry to make sure everything is - Tacco!"

Find out more about the Scheu Tacco


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Scheu Analog - Magazine Reviews


The Absolute Sound magazine : Award for Scheu Premier / Eurolab Premier

Scheu Analog Reviews Page

•Impressive to look at, glorious to listen to, the Eurolab (Scheu) Premier belongs among the handful of the best turntables ever made, regardless of price. That it is priced not all that far above several manufacturers' entry-level models is almost too good to be true..."


Read more reviews about Scheu Analog products


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Scheu Analog - HiFi Show Feedback


Scheu Analog HiFi Show feedback

Scheu Analog HiFi Show Feedback Page


Ulla Scheu, the company owner, and the four Franks ...


Read more hifi show feedback about Scheu Analog products


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Scheu Analog - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


FAQ Page

Scheu Analog FAQ Page


Do you sell the Scheu Premier without tonearm, and in what configurations ?

How do I assemble a Scheu Premier MK2 / MK3 ?

The Scheu turntables are string-driven.  How do I tie a knot for the string ?

What is the difference between 9" and 12" Scheu tonearms ?


and more ...


Read more questions and answers regarding Scheu Analog products


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Scheu Analog Turntables And Tonearms

Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 2

Scheu Das Laufwerk No. 1

Scheu Premier Mk2

Scheu Premier Mk3

Scheu Cello

Scheu Tacco

Scheu Cantus

Scheu Classic MK2