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Scheu Premier MK2 turntable, with Jan Allaerts, 12" Classic MK1 tonearm"Thomas Scheu (pronounced 'shoy') is looking back at an experience of more than 20 years in designing State of the Art record players. We've seen competitors come and go trying to copy or imitate our ideas. Most of them failed when it came to the crucial point - QUALITY! None of them neither ever reached our level nor our more than competitive prices.


We already had several reviews in the German press like H•rerlebnis, Klang & Ton, Hifi & records just to mention a few. In the international press,  the Premier model was reviewed in The Absolute Sound (issue 132) which also led to the Golden Ear Award in 2001! We have improved this turntable and now offer the Premier MK II !"


Scheu's factory did composite platters for Amazon and also manufactures platters for Clearaudio and Transrotor.  Scheu was once rebadged and known as Eurolab in the United States.


Scheu Turntables



Scheu Analog -  Table Of Contents:

Scheu Analog Turntables

Scheu Analog Unipivot Tonearms

Magazine Reviews on Scheu products

HiFi Shows - Feedback on Scheu products

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Scheu products

Scheu Customer Systems of Soundscape - Pictures

Scheu Turntables


Scheu Cello Turntable 

"The Cello is the result of our research in high mass turntables.


The main focus was to bring all benefits of a high mass concept to a lower mass turntable. We could have made it completely different but after a short test with other bearings and platters we found out that it makes no sense saving money on the bearing and platter, which means that the bearing of the Cello is identical to the bearing of the Premier. 

The reduced platter thickness of 30 mm is a part of this new concept to keep masses balanced and this platter is manufactured exactly the same way as our thicker models." No substandard, low-grade bearings and other parts.  All high quality parts only, inspite of the simplicity.


** Our demo of the Cello turntable attests to its high sonic quality.  Listen and compare to the competition ...    Together with its bigger brother the Premier MK2, these turntables can make one question the price of other turntables or one's own - true "giant killers".


Scheu Cello turntable, Schroder Model 2, The Cartridge Man Music Maker

Cello Turntable -clear/ transparent, at Soundscape HiFi And Music showroom

That's a Cartridge Man Music Maker MK2 cartridge mounted on the

excellent Schroder Model 2 tonearm


Scheu Premier Cello turntable

Cello Turntable - black, at Soundscape HiFi And Music showroom

That's a Cartridge Man Music Maker MK2 cartridge mounted on the

excellent Classic 10" unipivot arm


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Scheu Premier MK2 Turntable  (was Eurolab in the USA)


"You have already heard of our products and were always looking for any information of our excellently reviewed turntables? Well, we want to show you this yet unrivalled turntable.


The whole story started around 20 years ago, when Thomas Scheu began to think about designing his own turntable. Through the years with growing knowledge on the crucial parts of designing, he further developed an initial idea on how to build a state of the art TT at an affordable price.


All his developments finally lead to the here shown product that made its way through lots of reviews achieving only the best results - the Scheu  PREMIER!.... Get involved!


All our plinths can be run either with 50 mm (2 inches) or 80 mm (3,15 inches) platters. The weight range is from 17 kilos (9 inch single plinth with 50 mm platter) up to 23 kilos (the double 12 inch plinth with 80 mm platter).


Each bearing is capable of handling loads up to 45 kilos!


The 50 mm platter weighs around 4.5 kilos, the 80 mm type has a weight of 7.5 kilos.

Included in the package of each turntable is the motor-housing with power wall plug and the 50 mm platter. 80 mm platter is an option. Coming along with the TT is one tonearm-base pre-drilled for a tonearm of your choice!"


Some of our customers at Soundscape HiFi and Music have replaced their very expensive turntables with the Scheu Premier MK2 (right up to USD $24,000), and are now happy Premier MK2 users.  These are not novices, but veterans who have gone through their fair share of turntables. 


Commonly agreed among these Premier MK2 owners is a significant improvement in pitch, pace, rhythm, and timing - without the need to artificially boost platter rotation  speed.  This is due in part to its excellent German-precision bearing, and impeccable stability.  Everything is so simple, one can't go wrong.


As with all turntables, either suspended or non-suspended designs, a high-quality support rack/table system is mandatory to extract full performance.  However, in cases of aesthetic or budget reasons, your solid wooden table will also do, so long as it doesn't rock on its feet, and is more or less level (further level adjustments can be made on the turntable itself).


Premier MKII turntable

Clear / transparent

80mm frosted platter

Schroder Reference tonearm



Premier MK2 - transparent

Clear 80mm platter

Music Maker cartridge on SME 309



Scheu Premier MK2 turntable, double-arm plinth, The Cartridge Man Music Maker

Premier MK2 - black

50mm platter

12" dual armboard version

50mm platter

Music Maker MK2 cartridge mounted

Dual speed controls on the motor, 33-1/3 & 45 rpm

Check out the weight as well, with its own spirit level


Can you spot the string ?  As thin as hair, yet it does the job well



Scheu Premier MK2 turntable, Schroder Model 1, Jan Allaerts MC1B

Premier MK2 - black

80mm platter

Schroder Model 1 tonearm

Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge



Scheu Premier MK2 turntable, SME V, Jan Allaerts MC1B

Premier MK2 - black

80mm platter

SME V tonearm

Jan Allaerts MC1B cartridge



Scheu Premier MK2 with Rudolf Bruil Universal Ring

Premier MK2 - black

80mm platter with Classic MK2 12" tonearm

Rudolf Bruil Universal Record Stabilizer Ring (URSR)



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Scheu Premier MK3 Turntable


Scheu Premier MK3 turntable plinthThe difference between the Premier MK3 and the Premier MK2 model is in the plinth and armboards.   The MK3 is an upgraded model of the two-arm MK2 version, the single-arm MK2 versions are still current and in production.


The MK3 plinth is designed for two arms, and can accommodate any tonearm length between 9" to 12" without changing the plinth entirely. 


Moreover, after further testing and simulations, the geometry has been improved, with a new boomerang design, which reduces sensitivity to sound impact.


Year 2005 - The Premier MK3 plinth

Scheu Premier MK3 turntable

Flock of Premier MK3 plinths

A flock of Scheu Premier MK3s

A flock of Scheu Premier MK3s


Scheu Tacco tonearm on new armboard

Scheu Tacco tonearm


Schroder DPS tonearm on new armboard

Schroder Model DPS tonearm


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Scheu Tonearms

Scheu Classic MK2 tonearm Scheu Cantus tonearm Scheu Tacco Tonearm

Scheu Classic MK2

Scheu Cantus

Scheu Tacco


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Scheu Analog - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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