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S I D 

Sound Improvement Products




From the laboratory of Peter Boffin comes the following products that effectively improve your system's sound.  The keyword here is effective.


Table Of Contents:

Sound Improvement Platform (SIP)

Sound Improvement Disc (SID)
Sound Improvement Coupler (SIC)



Sound Improvement Platform (SIP)


What is SIP ?


SIP stands for Sound Improvement Platform.


The SIP is an acoustic isolation platform that is made out of special Acoustic SteelTM that contains a patented polymar producing an effect called constrained layer damping.  The standard size is 400mm x 300mm (other sizes can be made by special order), and only 3mm thick which gives enough space for it to be placed under a CD player, amp, turntable, etc. that is mounted on a rack. 


The SIP is made with five 5mm diameter holes and can be installed in three different ways:

1.  It can be placed flat on an existing shelf directly under the equipment

2.  It can be placed on 3 of the 4 steel balls and brass feet/cups supplied with the SIP, forming a


3.  When the equipment is heavy, the SIP can be placed on all 4 balls and feet/cup


The improvement in the sound after the SIP installed should be immediately noticeable in that the music is free from all restraints and will flow more freely giving a much better insight into the music.  The background is inky black therefore allowing so much more detail to come through.


But, as our motto says:  Just Trust Your Ears


As at year 2003, the SIP is a new product from Sound Improvement Disc

Acoustic SteelTM is a trademark and patented material



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Sound Improvement Disc (SID)


News Flash!  Our customer, Sony Corporation Asia, has now distributed SIDs (Sound Improvement discs) to all marketing executives across the region to use in their demos of Sony CD/SACD players to Sony dealers.  A trusted product !  So if you have a Sony CD/SACD player, or any other brand, check it out.  Now distributed across Japan as well, in the thousands.


Now available in the USA as well through Music Direct.



In listening tests we conducted, this product helps tame  the typical shouty digital character of CD and SACD, leading to a much more natural presentation, a more relaxed feeling reminiscent of analog.  Customers have also reported improved resolution of soundstage and air.  Some have used them too in their discmans and reported a significant decrease in listening fatigue.

Click Me! for a very interesting opinion on the SID posted in a public forum.  Don't forget to read the follow-ups/replies, for and and a lot of against :-).  The SID may not work for all, admittedly, but for those who can hear or "feel" the improvements, congratulations!  In light of this, we offer a 10 day money-back guarantee for this product ! 


Below is more information on the products:

"We've seen many accessory discs and foils, to be placed in the loading tray on top of the CD, some intended to mechanically damp the disc.  Most, to put it charitably, have been problematic in use and have given mixed or dubious results.

But Peter Boffin, a British engineer living in Germany, has come up with a precision-made, extremely flat and thin CD overlay disc that works.  He explains what SID does: 'All CDs are see-through no matter if they are coloured or not.  One only needs to take a small torch and hold it against the silver side of a CD to see that the light is visible through the disc.  It is also possible to move the CD up to 1.3mm away from the laser.  Being as the CD is only 1.2m thick, it shows that it is possible for the laser to actually see through the CD.  With this in mind, the correction system reacts to the varying reflections it sees from the label thus giving the system more work to do than is necessary.  The result is sound that is much smoother as it has hardly any interruptions induced by faulty information from the correction system.'


 As the error correction system has to work less, he goes on, 'the music will sound smoother.  The vocals will appear as though a veil has been lifted from in front of them.  Instruments sound more breezy, concise, and the sound in general less nervous.'


The Sound Improvement Disc is an accessory that is placed on top of the CD, results in better separation of instruments and a much clearer reproduction of the voice especially female.  It is the easiest and one of the cheapest ways to upgrade your hifi system. 


The best way to hear the difference that the SID makes to the sound is to play a piece of well-known music for a maximum of 30 seconds without the SID, and then the same piece with the SID in place.


The SID disc has a special matt finish on one side and this side is placed to the CD label so that the stray light is absorbed, the green colour changing the red light of the laser into black thus neutralizing it. 


The SID is only 0.3mm thick and 2.8 grams in weight so it will fit in virtually every player.


Two Versions:

Model 14 - for Philips-type sliding CD drawers
Model 15 -
for top-loading CD players


There are two versions.  Model 14, with a 14mm centre hole, suits drawer loading Philips-based transports.  Model 15, with a 15mm centre hole, suits Pioneer 'turntable' transports, Meridian 505 and 508, and most top-loaders, for example CDC, Theta, Spectral, Jadis JP1, Einstein, Berendsen CD1, Cambridge D300 and D500.  The SID is not suitable for use in CD magazine players, portables, or car players.  If in doubt, please state player make and model when ordering.




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Sound Improvement Couplers (SIC)





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