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McIntosh MC225 Power Amplifier   (Sold - Singapore)

Vintage tube power amplifier, in very condition.  Released in 1961, 25w x 2.

 One of the last great McIntosh amplifiers.  Includes spare tubes as well.


Everything original except RCA inputs which have been replaced.  Fading of lettering on one side.


110 volts.  Free 1200VA step-down transformer included for 220-240 volt countries. 

Selling Price:

SGD 2700

USD 1688

EUR 1500

GBP 965


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McIntosh 225



ELECTRICAL: 25w/ch stereo, 50w mono. Response 18-30kHz (+0 -0.1dB). Distortion 0.5%. Noise & hum -90dB. Output impedance 4, 8, 16, 150, 200 and 600 ohms. 600 ohm balanced to ground and center tapped. (2, 4, 8 and 16 ohms in mono).


Output voltages 25 and 70.7V. Internal impedance less than 10% of rated impedance. Input impedance 250k. Input sensitivity 0.5V (2.0V with gain controls at dot indicator).

MECHANICAL: Chrome chassis. Output octal socket for higher impedances and voltages. Barrier strip for 4, 8 and 16 ohms. Audio inputs. Gain controls. Stereo-mono switch. Can be used for 50w mono.

TUBES: 4-7591 output, 12AX7, 2-12AU7, 2-12BH7. Solid state rectifier.

Size : 7"H, 9-1/8"W and 14-1/2"D. Sold from 1961-1967.

Item Weight: 35.0 lbs / 16kg unpacked

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McIntosh 225

McIntosh 225


McIntosh 225


McIntosh 225


McIntosh 225


McIntosh 225


McIntosh 225


McIntosh 225


McIntosh 225


Since the the McIntosh 225 power amplifier for sale is 110 volts, this step-down transformer will be

needed in 220-240 volt countries.  This comes free with the McIntosh 225. 

For 110 volt countries, there will be no need for this.

McIntosh 225


These are spare tubes, to be given free as part of the sale

McIntosh 225


McIntosh 225

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