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Walker Gold Proscenium Turntable  (Sold)


Burmester 911 MK2 Power Amplifier  (Sold)


Audio Artistry Beethoven Loudspeakers

  • For all interested buyers, here are the pictures and some descriptions.


  • Below: The main listening room - in case you're wondering, those are Audio Artistry Beethoven speakers, Ayre power amps, and Burmester 911 power amp in the middle.


    It seems like there are patches of discoloration  on the speakers at the right, but that's just an effect of the light, not patches.


    Below: To the left is another room where the Walker Proscenium turntable is located, together with the preamp, etc..


    Below:  The logo to indicate the model.  Needs to be wiped.


    The plinth alone without the platter is already approx. 250 lbs. !  Notice the feet, suspended in air.


    Below: The Walker Proscenium Gold Signature.  Although it looks fine in the picture, the brass color on the clamp needs to be replated by a brass maker or metal shop to restore its shine (or just buy a new one), as it is the one handled most often.  The other brass finishes are still good, but you might also want to have them replated to make them look like new again.


    Below: The Walker at a further distance.


    The Walker viewed even further.


    Below:  All the rest of the accessories, gauges, tubings - in their original black box.  There's even more underneath.  This is not a plug-n'-play turntable, this is only for dedicated enthusiasts.  Very quiet, unlike the Rockport Sirius 3.


    Below:  The user's manual, all correspondences with Lloyd Walker over the years are intact - some are instructions.  Updates came in to ensure the table was working at its best.  The new owner will benefit a lot from the notes written by Walker, and the queries raised by the owner.



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